Sanctuary's Latest News Update 11th April 2008
Magnus has been on holiday this week and has made his way over to the steps and seems to have found a new corner to sleep in.   Fatima, Sheba, Anneka, Lizzie are all doing well with lots of sunbathing.
Snoopy (right) was unhappy about being moved out of her bedroom and has taken to protesting in front of the gate and refusing to let the Animal Care Team in to the convalescent pool.   Marlin, Ray and Atlanta are all doing well.   Attie still is playing with the pups, and Marlin and Ray are soaking up the sunshine.
The boys, Flipper and Yulelogs, have had been disagreeing with each other, and Flipper has a little cut, but both are doing exceptionally well during training. They were all treated to feed balls which Yulelogs stole from Flipper, so we gave them another one!
Luna is looking very fat and healthy but uninterested in training. Sija on the other hand is having great fun with the Frisbee and loves it when the Animal Care Team throw it for her, but when they are not around, she throws it herself.
Rocky and Sahara Rocky is feeling a lot better and even managed to eat some fish on Tuesday. Sahara is looking a little chunky after all the extra fish he was eating that was suppose to be for Rocky.   Rocky and Sahara (left) seems to tolerate each other a lot more and have even been found hauled out lying next to each other.

Boadi is still missing Carus, but we have now given her a feed ball and her training is going really well.

Chaff seems to be coping well without Mika, but decided to help the Animal Care Team clean the windows, and unfortunately he ate the sponge, and destroyed the bucket, which now makes a great colander.
Thai and Bamboo are spending lots of time together, but not very interested in training as this week they met the new member of the Animal Care Team, and decided to do an official welcome and climb up Jenna's waterproofs.

The goats have been out for lots of walks this week, and Churchill is feeling a lot better; and the ponies managed to break out again this week, but did not get far before they were spotted.

Reef, (our cat), has been having a great time this week chasing the rabbits in the evening around the paddocks.
This season's rescued seal pups

Cubert (right) is still in the hospital (pen 3) receiving treatment, but is now having water put in to his pen everyday, and loving it. He likes it when he can dive for his fish at feeding time, and eating them off the bottom.

Nursery pool 2: Sebastian this week finished his course of treatment for his ear infection, then the next day it unfortunately returned, so he has gone back on to treatment. He has now been joined by Pedrek who also has an ear infection and receiving treatment.
Jenifer, our little star Convalescent pool - All the pups are doing well and putting on weight, Jenifer (left) became a star this week when her scar appeared on the television news.

All the residents and pups were treated to ice blocks, which were greedily received by everyone.
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