Update 11th March 2005

Magnus is feeding well and putting on weight.

Fatima is sporting a new coat.

Sheba is coming to the end of her moult. She is also always late for feeding time as she is spending a lot of time in the cave.

Lizzie has taken a shine to our two young males Ray and Marlin which the animal care team have not seen her do before.

Snoopy is half way through her moult but is fully recovered from her period of feeling unwell and is due to go back in the convalescence pool at the end of the week.

Attie is feeding well.

Anneka has not yet started her moult, but she is always last. She is also being very cheeky and is full of the joys of spring and trying to bit the animal care team.

Flotsam and Jetsam are doing well with their training and each now has their own member of the animal care team. As part of their training, they have had a pallet put in their pool on the side. This will mimic the scales if we have to weigh them, which we did last week. Both are a good weight.

Yulelog and Flipper Ė Flipper has got a nice new coat but logs has not started to moult yet. Flipper is also being very cheeky and has had his fish increased as he is very hungry.

Rocky and Pepper have had a new toy made for them this week. The team have made a ring out of hose pipe and weighted this to the bottom of the pool attached to a buoy so itís suspended in the water so they can swim through it. Pepper is really enjoying this new toy.

Carus and Dips Ė They are both feeding well and Carus is starting to take an interest in Dips, the team are keeping a close eye on these two and may need to put Dips on the pill.

Bamboo and Thai were both weighed this week, Thai has put weight on and Bamboo has lost weight, both being kept an eye on during feeding time. The plants that were put in the enclosure are still standing after 2 weeks (itís a miracle) but they have now started to use the leaves off the trees for bedding.

Goats have also had a new enrichment toy made for them. This is a pipe that has holes up and down it which we fill with brambles and the goats enjoy trying to get them out.

Ponies are enjoying the walks around the site, but are hoping for some warmer weather over the next few weeks.


Dee is on a diet and Wiske is feeling a lot better after he was wormed this week, Tees has been keeping him company this week in the nursery pool. Taw remains in the hospital, but will hopefully move down to the nursery pool by the end of the week.

Bubbles will be off to the vets this week so the vet can have a look at his bad tooth; this should make him feel a lot better. The vet has checked him over and put him on a course of antibiotics.

All the pups in the round pool are doing well and recovering from seal pox.

Kenn, Claw and Dart were moved into one of the nursery pools ready for their hat tagging and final bloods. On Thursday, we decided it was time to put the hats on. Dart was wriggling a lot causing his hat slip, it now sits at an interesting angle. Kennís hat was fitted perfectly but Claw decided this fashion accessory was not for him, and kept trying to bite the animal care team. Now, as the pups are all up to the correct weight, we are just waiting for clear blood results and the right weather for a release.

Brant, Lune and Don were all moved into the convalescence pool ready for the next stage of the rehabilitation.

All the other pups are doing well and continue to put on weight.

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