Update 11th February 2005

This week the water level in the convalescent pool has had to be dropped slightly to allow essential maintenance work on the haul out to take place. This has meant all the residents have been using the steps in a very orderly fashion to get in and out of the pool. To the amusement of the sanctuary’s visitors, the pups are not wasting their time going down the steps; instead they have taken to leaping, or more commonly rolling, off the haul-out into the pool!

All the convalescent pool seals are feeding well, but Magnus continues to get his own bucket of fish twice a day too make sure the old boy gets his fair share!

Snoopy’s cough finally seems to have shifted just as she begins to moult. She can be regularly seen out on the side of the pool sitting with Sheba and Fatima surrounded by moulted hair!

The common seal pool has been pressure washed this week to get all the algae off the sides of the pool. Flotsam and Jetsam are always very well behaved during pool cleans and will follow each other to the steps, climb out on the side of the pool and sit appearing to watch the animal care team very closely to make sure they do not miss a bit!

Flipper’s moult is now well underway but he appears to be the only seal for which this has not meant a reduction in his food intake. He is regularly waiting at the gate at feeding time making it difficult for the animal care team to get into the enclosure. However, Log’s appetite appears to finally be slowing down and waits patiently in the pool to be called out for his training.

Pepper received a bite wound on her rear end from Rocky this week. Although the bite appeared deep it has not been causing her any discomfort and she has allowed the animal care team to clean it once a day. The wound is now healing well and Rocky and Pepper are still the best of friends.

Carus and Dipsy have both been feeding well this week and Carus in particular has been behaving himself perfectly at feed times, the animal care team are becoming suspicious!

Thai and Bamboo have now received precautionary flea and mange treatment after they were seen scratching more than usual. They have now stopped scratching and no damage has been done to their thick winter coats. This week they have had some big new mossy logs put into their enclosures which they have spent all week slowly stripping!

With some beautiful sunny afternoons this week, the animal care team have used the extra light to take the ponies and goats for walks after work. Bracken has been his usual high-spirited self, dragging the animal care team around the sanctuary, and Tuppence, as always, was perfectly well behaved. The goats, particularly Elvis and Priscilla, enjoyed munching on all the brambles in the woods.


Taff, Wriggle, Frome and Cale have now all been hat tagged and weighed ready for release. All four seals need to put on a few more kilos before reaching the target release weight of 40kg.

Esk, Eden and Red are the next three seals to be hat tagged and have been moved into nursery three in preparation.

Hope, Claw and Kenn were weighed this week and were all ready to be moved into the convalescent pool along with Ribble, Dart, Lew and Camel. All pups are feeding well and putting on weight.

Dee remains in nursery four whilst he is on antibiotics for his flipper but he has adapted very well to life down at the pools and is slowly beginning to use his flipper. He has now been joined by Teign and Brant who have both received a clean bill of health from the vet.

Breezie, Dagger, Smokey and Ermine have now been joined by Bubbles and Clyde who after a slow start are now feeding well with the other four seals.

After receiving a treatment change for his infected flipper, Don’s wound is now healing well. He has been given a bucket of water in his pen to keep him occupied until he can go in water.

Clifford, Lune and Wiske remain in the hospital. All are feeding well and their wounds are healing. All three pups are having their pools filled with salt water every day and they are just awaiting clear blood results before being moved down to the nursery pools.

Taw was rescued from Porthchapel on the 30th of January 2005. He weighed 27.5kg and is approximately a year old. He was found with a spot of glue on top of his head and a hole in his left rear flipper where a flipper tag would have been. Unfortunately the animal care team have been unable to identify him from the previous year due to losing his flipper tag. Re-named Taw, he also appeared to have a large growth on his spine just behind his shoulder blades, and a large amount of discharge from his nose. Taw was put straight onto antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory to help combat his respiratory infection and the vet was called concerning the mystery growth. Taw has now been x-rayed and the x-rays have been sent to a specialist in Bristol for further examination. The animal care team are awaiting the results.

Tees was rescued on the 1st of February 2005 by the RSPCA from Crantock Beach. He weighed 20kg and had numerous bite wounds to his rear flippers. Both of his eyes were also ulcerated. He has been receiving a course of antibiotics and pain relief as well as antibiotic eye drops and his wounds and eyes are healing quickly. He is now feeding himself and will shortly be moved into the main hospital.

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