Update 10th December 2004



Magnuss eyes are getting better and he is beginning to spend more time in the pool with Fatima.

He is still being treated for his problem but he has his appetite back.


Fatima is still flirting with Magnus, and is spending a lot of time sleeping.

She still enjoys playing with the pups in the pool


Sheba has made up with Marlin and now spends most of her time with him although she continues to flirt with Magnus.


Snoopy is now much more at home in the convalescent pool and she is very hungry

competing with residents and pups for fish at feeding times.

She is very vocal and lets the pups know when they are too close.


Marlins primary concern has been spending time with Sheba following her,

sleeping next to her and stealing her fish. He is still experimenting with

adult behaviours hell get it right one day!


Ray has been showing an interest in Fatima, although he doesnt know what to do.

He also still enjoys blowing bubbles and playing with pups.


Lizzie has been receiving treatment for a squint in her right eye

she may not be able to see well at the minute but she can still get her fish!


Attie is a very hungry girl at the moment and can be seen in the thick of the action at feeding time. She continues to compete with the pups for time with the raft.


Flotsam and Jetsam are now getting more food each feeding. This hasnt slowed them down as they still rush about the pool and say hello to the Animal Care Team when they see the green tops.


Logs and Flipper getting along a bit better now. They still have the odd argument but Flipper is not so scared to come up for his training anymore. Logs is learning to open his mouth on command now and is proving to be a star pupil.


Peppers bite wounds look better now, and Rocky has been behaving himself. Pepper enjoys her training each day and Rocky is learning to let the Animal Care Team inspect his flippers.


Carus is now off his hormone treatment and is behaving like a good boy. Dipsy is still quite shy but is coming out of the pool at feeding times now. That means Carus cant steal any of her fish. The leak in their pool has been fixed and Carus is once again enjoying diving off his rock.


Thai and Bamboo have been looking very hungry so feed amounts have been increased.

They have had plenty of treats to supplement their diet such as crabs, mealworms and crickets.

Bamboo is now braver and is tackling larger crabs.


Bracken and Tuppence have enjoyed being taken for walks around the sanctuary lately.

Bracken especially liked playing in the leaves when they went to visit the otters down the woods.


Goats - This week the weather has been better and has brought out a more playful side to the goats. Churchill and Monty are play-fighting again and even Priscilla is more adventurous climbing up the obstacles in their paddock.





Roskilly and Itchen are doing well in the convalescent pool and are starting to look quite fat.


Trent, Arrow, and Red have all moved into the convalescent pool and are now at home with the older residents. Red continues to wail, but now she has competition from Snoopy for noise levels!


Taff and Blyth are showing the new pups in the convalescent pool how to do things, and are having lots of fun. 


Wriggle, Eden, Severn and Keekle are all in a nursery pool together. They are trying to out-compete each other for fish. Keekle is now very cheeky and likes to try and steal fish from the others. They are all making great progress and it wont be long before they join the others in the big pool.


Esk and Lew now share a nursery pool as they are a little slower at eating their fish.  Lew is not really gaining weight and seemed a little stressed about being on his own.  He is still on treatment and is having to be force-fed his pill fish in order for the Animal Care Team to be sure he gets better.


Camel is now in a nursery pool with Frome, having great fun at feeding time as they race each other to get the fish.  They have both recovered well from their wounds and are making steady progress.


Dee is recovering well and has finally had his stitches out.  He is starting to flex the end of his flipper and is getting stronger by the day.  He likes to splash around in his water bowl and blowing bubbles.  Hes driving the Animal Care Team crackers by singing all day, but we are pleased with his progress!


Ribbles wounds are almost healed now and she is becoming more aggressive now that she is feeling better.  She is feeding well for herself and as soon as her eye ulcer clears up, she can have her pool filled and build her muscles up ready for her transfer down to the nursery pools.


Dart was rescued on the 20th of November from South Devon by the RSPCA.  When he arrived at the sanctuary his rear left flipper was very swollen and had a very nasty bite wound on his hock joint.  At first the Animal Care Team thought the flipper might have been broken, but after he was taken for an x-ray, we discovered that his injury was not as severe as we first thought and could be treated with a simple course of anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and painkillers to reduce the swelling.  Considering how much pain he must have been in, Dart is a very good-natured puppy and has become one of the Animal Care Team favourites this season.


Alpha was transferred to the sanctuary from RSPCA West Hatch in Devon and was already a decent size when she first came in.  Instead of going into the hospital, she was put into a quarantined pool outside but has since been moved into the big pool to learn how to compete for her fish against the other pups.  She is one of the largest pups in the pool and is giving the others a run for their money!!!


Cale was rescued on the 28th of November 2004 from Chapelporth with a few wounds to his rear flippers and head.  He is a large pup, although still looks quite thin, even though he is a good weight.  He is doing really well in the hospital though and feeds well for himself.  As soon as his wounds heal, he can have a pool to splash around in and will the transferred to the nursery pools asap.


Hope was rescued on the 1st of December 2004 from Sandy Cove, Newlyn with eye problems.  She had an abnormal growth on her third eyelid that was covered with fur and was rubbing on her eyeball.  This had irritated the eye and the eye had become infected, red and swollen.  When our vet came down to have a look at her, he said that she had been born with the growth and it had been affecting her eye ever since she was born, maybe even in the womb.  He removed the growth and Hope is feeling a lot better.  Her eye is still red and swollen and will be for some time, but the Animal Care Team is hoping that she will not lose her sight in that eye completely, although she will probably never have full sight out of it!


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