Update 10th November 2006

This week Magnus had a visit from the vet, who took a blood sample and gave him a multi-vitamin jab. The Animal Care Team (ACT) has now moved him in to a nursery pool, hopefully he will soon be back to his usual self.

Lizzie is enjoying having the pups back in the nursery pool, she also was very interested in what was going on with Magnus.

Fatima was a little concerned about the movement of Magnus, but not enough to get involved.

Anneka is starting to develop a cataract in her eye; this still has not deterred her from playfully nipping the other pups and trying to nip the ACT.

Sheba and Ray are still together, but she is starting to spend more time with Marlin and also spending a bit of time by herself.

Snoopy was a little upset this week (when is she not upset!) about the ACT moving her Dad. Luckily she made herself useful and went ahead of the ACT as they followed with Magnus in a cage, and cleared all the pups off the side of the pool.

Ray is still playing happy families with Sheba.

Marlin is not too happy to see the pups again this season, and keeps trying to playfully nip them.

Attie was the only seal really concerned about what was happening to

Magnus and would not leave his side, as he was moved.

After a few weeks break, Flotsam, Jetsam and Little Ed are pleased to get back to training, and about time too as all of them are looking a little...round, especially Little Ed. Both Jetsam and Ed are pleased that Flotsam is not barking as much.

Now that Autumn is in full swing, the leaves are falling quite heavily off the trees and into Flipper and Yulelogs’ pool. Both are enjoying playing and swimming with the leaves, even carrying them on their nose. Flipper and Yulelog both enjoyed posing for the film crew on Sunday, but Flipper did have a look on his face like he was about to eat them, luckily they survived and walked away with all their limbs.

Rocky has started to bark again, but not as much. Pepper has a little ulcer in her eye, which she is receiving eye-drops for. She has also been resting and enjoying the sunshine on her bones, the weather seems to be helping her arthritis. Pepper is also back to eating mackerel, but only cut in half and she has to start each meal time with sprats.

Carus has had his pool cleaned; it is now so clean you can see right to the back of the pool. With the crystal clear water, Carus now sits in the bottom corner of the pool, peering through the slats of the plastic, looking out for the fish van.

Mika and Chaff have now started training at opposite ends of the pool. Mika is being taught some new tasks to help build her confidence. Chaff has been doing well with his training, and is loving the mackerel he is being fed. He is not so keen on the sardines now and when he gets them fed to him he spits them out.

Thai and Bamboo have a little bit of the winter blues, and have not been eating their fruit and veg. Both last week, we think, were a little bored with the afternoon talk to the visitors and decided to go to bed and sleep.

ACT have laid down the goats' winter bedding – but the goats are more likely to eat it before they get a chance to sleep in it. Also enjoying the green green grass, the goats cannot understand why Reef, our cat, has lots of freedom while they are not allowed to go wandering.

Our ponies have been enjoying the Autumn sunshine, and are starting to grow their winter coats. The vet also came in to give them their yearly vaccine, they can now travel abroad if they wish!!! – The ACT have supplied them with holiday brochures, and they kind of fancy the Caribbean.

Reef (our cat) has been demanding sardines off the ACT, but has also been doing a lot of hunting this week.


Pup number Fourteen - On Sunday (5th of November 2006) the Sanctuary received a call from the Cornwall Seal Group to say that a pup they had been watching at Mutton Cove since Friday afternoon, had not fed for over 48 hours. Maz, headed out to Gwithian and was followed by Rachael and Dan. On arrival, Maz had a look at the pup from the top of the cliff and the decision was made to go and get the pup, as all the other seals on the beach were out feeding. The pup rescue took no more then 30 mins as Maz sprinted up the cliff from the beach.

Photo  of Maz (left), Rachael (middle) and Dan (right) was taken on 5th November 2006 by Simon Bone - www.cornishseals.co.uk
Photo was taken on 5th November 2006 by Rachael Vine

When she got to the top of the cliff, the pups temperature was taken and fluids given for the journey back to the Sanctuary. On arriving back at the Sanctuary, the pup was put in to isolation 1, and left to rest after its traumatic rescue. The clinical assessment revealed that the pup was a little boy, and weighed only 10 kilos and was very thin. The first 72 hours will be critical for this pup. We have decided to call the pup Mowgli.

Roo is now in the convalescence pool and eating and doing well and weighs 25kilos.

Ronnie and Narla have both been moved down to the nursery pools. Ronnie is having a few problems feeding and is having to be hand fed by the ACT; he hangs off the ACT during feeding. Narla is being force fed and is being encouraged to go into the pool to feed.

Magnet and Pebbles are feeding well and have been put in with Ronnie and Narla to teach them how to feed for themselves. It is now getting quite impossible to tell Magnet from Pebbles.

Koko, Mutley and Simba are all doing well, but Simba is still a little on the slow side. At feeding time, he can be found in the cave and when the ACT goes to throw the last fish he comes out. So now before the team start feeding, they go into the cave and chase Simba out in to the pool, so he can start to put on some weight.

The ACT has stained Gnasher eyes, and the vet is pleased with his progress. The ACT have also decided to put him in water, which was a bit of a shock to the system. Gnasher has also been flipper tagged Orange 09.

Daisy has been put in water to allow her wounds to heal, and has also been wormed with blood taken. This pup is noisy, and will not keep quiet, it is driving the ACT up the wall.

Penfold has been wormed and tagged Orange 12, he continues to do well, and if we get clear bloods back, we will move him down to the nursery pools.

Spongebob has now been moved through to the main hospital and is enjoying the bigger pen. He is feeding well but has an ear infection which he is receiving eye drops for.

Mowgli is still being fed milk every four hours and the umbilicus has dropped off. He also has a heat lamp, but is making very slow progress.

Pup Number Fifteen - Earlier today (10th November 2006), we received a phone call from the Watergate Bay area of Newquay, about a pup that was on the beach. Maz collected the rescue kit and cage and headed off to Newquay. Maz found the pup on the beach and discovered it was very malnourished and had a bad cough. After giving it fluids, Maz had to get it off the beach and back to the land rover to transport the pup to the Sanctuary. Unfortunately the only way to get this pup back to the vehicle was to take a path through Jamie Oliver’s restaurant ‘Fifteen’. Luckily the staff and managers were very kind in allowing us to do this but it did create a bit of a stir with the lunch time guests, who wondered what was going on.

Back at the Sanctuary, we put the pup into isolation 2 and did a clinical assessment, he weighed 15 kilos (underweight for his age) and about 5 weeks old. As well as being malnourished, with a bad cough (a sign of worms) he also had a snotty nose. The pup is a little boy and will be given fluids for the first 24 hours, before moving on to fish. ‘Pilchard’ as he has been called is also receiving antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, multi vitamins and iron tablets.

Photo of Pilchard was taken on 10th November 2006 by Rachael Vine
Did you know that.....All our pups are up for adoption. Please check out our adoption page for more information.

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