Sanctuary's Latest News Update 10th October 2008

Fatima (right) is lurking under the water during feeding time and jumping out of the water at the Animal Care Team trying to get in to their buckets. The convalescent pool residents were treated to a conger eel and Anneka managed to grab it and take it in to nursery pool 2. Sheba spotted that Anneka had made a dash for it to the nursery pool with the congel eel and followed in hot pursuit. These two were so busy fighting over the eel that they missed their afternoon feed. Fatima
Lizzie eating a fish!Lizzie (left) is being patient with her tongue hanging out and waiting for the Animal Care Team in the middle of the pool to throw the fish at feed time. Snoopy is happy hanging out in nursery pool 1 watching the visitors in the underwater viewing. She had better make the most of it as we get busier with the rescued pups, we will need the extra pool. Ray has been making friends with April (our rescued seal pup for 2007/8) and has been spotted playing together, but April has now been moved back into nursery pools 3 and 4.
Marlin (right) lost his flipper tag this week and took great pleasure in showing his rear flippers to the Animal Care Team. We have drained the pool for cleaning and still have not found the tag. Attie is a little scratchy and likes to flip her fish off her nose at feeding time. We keep telling her not to play with her food!

Luna and Sija are both loving the herring at the moment, and Sija loves catching her fish and will launch her whole body out of the water to get them.
BoadiFlipper and Yulelogs were treated to a conger eel and they managed to tear it apart before Flipper ate the whole thing and also managed to miss his afternoon feed.

Rocky and Boadi (left) are going through their moult at the moment and are feeding well. Rocky has had his feed increased and Boadi seems to have spotted this and is hanging around for extra fish. Both got ice blocks for a treat.
Chaff and Andy are both nearing the end of their moult, and Andy is still trying to boss Chaff around, so they are doing lots of barking at each other. These two also got ice blocks and a conger eel.

Sahara's (right) training is going ok and we can even touch around his head and when he is in the mood, we can touch his flippers. Sahara is loving the afternoon feed by the public.
ChurchillThai is still enjoying the peanut feeder and Bamboo still has no clue about how to use it. The otters have had a change of diet and now have the best steak minced, and were treated to chick ice blocks.

Goats - Churchill (left) still has the lump on his face and receiving a course of treatment for it. Stanley, our sheep, was taken out for a walk by the Animal Care Team and in an hour managed to get about 100 yards, this is a very stubborn sheep.
The ponies broke out this week and managed to run a mock all over the sanctuary before settling on the hill to eat all the grass.

Reef, our cat, has managed to get bitten on the cheek by something, possibly another cat, and he is receiving a course of treatment. He takes great pleasure that when Reef sees the Animal Care Team, he meows and holds his cheek up to get some sympathy.
AprilApril (left) is now back in nursery pools 3 and 4 and has been joined by Skittles from the hospital.

Skittles has now been flipper tagged on the back right. This year's tags are red and her number is 01. Skittles will split her fish in two before she eats it. If the fish is split cleanly in half, she will gobble it up, if not, she tends to rip it to pieces.
Fairy was very brave and made no fuss about going to the vets for her operation. She is recovering well but has a little bit of a sore throat from the tube. She is receiving eye drops in her other eye and the vet will check in a week to make sure that everything is fine.
HubbardHubbard (left) is receiving liquidised fish soup and has put on a kilo in weight, he has been moved through to the main hospital and is off all medication.

Pallin (right) is now in water and nearly moulted and is self feeding, he is even eating fish tail first, and should be moved to the nursery pools next week.
Did you know...£2 per month will provide 10 days of medication for a hyperthyroid seal
£5 per month will allow us train one additional seal rescue volunteer
£10 per month will pay for one day’s fish for the resident seals

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