Update 10th March 2006

Magnus - All his bald patches have now been replaced with new hair. Normally the Animal Care Team will give a talk in the convalescent’s pool before they feed the residents. Magnus now sits at there feet either playing with there keys or waterproofs, to try and hurry them up with talking so he can be fed.

Sheba has now completed her moult, and is looking very pretty. She has also been spotted nipping the pups that are in that pool. On a surprising note, Sheba passed a woolly glove this week. We think that one of our younger visitors, dropped their glove in the pool and Sheba gobbled it up. She has no ill effects from this, and is eating very well.

Lizzie has started her moult and now has white face and flippers.

Anneka is still going through her moult and is now sporting a go-faster stripe down her back.

Fatima has a little white face.

Attie who suffers from an under Animal Care Teamive thyroid has managed to grow hair on her face and back. Ray has a little brown face from his moult.

Flotsam has been enjoying having his pool cleaned this week, and keeps pestering the Animal Care Team to spray him with the hose. Jetsam on the other hand really hates it, and stays as far away from the hose as possible. Yulelog has just started his moult, but only on his face. He has also taken to sleeping on his pallet. Flipper has finished his moult, and now just before feeding time, he can be seen sitting on his pallet ready for the team to come in with the fish and do his training.

Rocky has started to bark a little more this week. Pepper who has had a few spot on her body over the last few weeks and looking a lot better this week, and she continues to be treated for them.

Sad News - Serendipity 1983 - 2006
The Animal Care Team and all the staff at the Sanctuary have been saddened this week by the sudden death of Serendipity our Patagonian sea lion. Dipsy as she was called by the team was a favourite with many staff and visitors. Dipsy was a very shy sea lion when she first arrived at the Sanctuary, but after much encouragement from the team soon grew in confidence. In the last few months Dipsy had start target training and she enjoyed this very much. Although Serendipity was not the prettiest of our residents, she was to the staff and will be missed very much.

Carus seems to be coping ok with the loss of his partner Dipsy. He was a little distressed for the first few hours, but we are keeping Carus occupied with lots of different enrichment toys and lots of fish. Whenever the team have a spare five minutes, they head off to see Carus and kept him company.

Bamboo and Thai have both spent a lot of time in their holt this week due to the wind and rain we have had this week.

Bracken, Tuppence, Muffin - Despite the horrible weather, the ponies would rather end up soaking wet, and then leave their precious grass behind.

Elvis, Pricilla, Churchill and Monty - our goats on the other hand have really disliked this weather and can be found steaming in the shed.


Bogart has had his pen filled with water this week and is being encouraged to feed with bigger fish. He has also been to the vets to have the wire removed from his jaw.

Stoggs still has a bad eye, and it continues to be treated.

Spingo, Fawn and Ginger: Ginger has had to be force fed again this week, as she has dropped 4 kilos in weight after being moved to the nursery pool. This was to be expected by the Animal Care Team, but they are trying to encourage her in to the pool to feed.

Tanglefoot and Bess have both now moved in to the convalescence pool.

Humbug and Stella have both been receiving antibiotics for bit wounds on their flippers. Hobson is also being kept a close eye on after he bit his own lip.

Convalescence Pool - All the other pups continue to do well in the convalescent’s pool. Unfortunately a tidal wave is created when the seals in the nursery pools get fed last thing in the afternoon, as twenty pups follow the buckets that the team are carrying.

Our new leaflet for 2006 is now available to download from the visitor's information page.

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