Weekly News Update w/e 9th December 2007
Resident Seals and Sea Lions

Most of the residents are off their fish at the moment due to the current breeding season, but are enjoying the company of the new pups that have been moved from the main hospital to the nursery pools, all that is, except Snoopy because she has had to give her pool up for the pups. She is sulking at the moment and hiding away from the others in the cave. Magnus has ventured out of his usual corner and has had a little nap on the steps of the pool.
Magnus, our resident grey seals
Mika and Chaff have been putting their training from last week into practise and are doing really well, Rocky has been swimming a lot this week rather than just lying on the side. Boadi has been very cheeky this week by stealing Carus' fish from him and then hiding in her hide out away from him.

Overall the residents are all doing really well and are all fit and healthy. They don't like the wet and windy weather we've been having this week and so are looking forward to the calmer weather.
The Otters

Thai and Bamboo are loving this season as there is so much to do and explore. With the heavy rain we've had recently, the river in their enclosure has overflowed slightly and the two cheeky otters have had lots of fun playing in the muddy water. The have also been chasing the dry leaves around that have fallen off the trees; the leaves also make feeding time more exciting as the animal care team can hide the food a lot better at this time of year. Thai and Bamboo love to forage for their food and have a nap afterwards in the warmth of their holt.
Thai and Bamboo our resident otters
Paddock Animals

The ponies have been rolling around in the mud this week and have had another great escape with Bracken starting the flee, closely followed by Muffin.

The goats have been on a good long walk around the site with Monty leading the others. He seems to be in charge of the 'gang' at the moment. He has pushed the other goats out of the paddocks so he can enjoy the dry and warmth by himself leaving the others outside. Churchill has stood up for himself though and insists he has a share of the paddocks as well.
Monty, our goat

We have had for new pup arrivals this week, two were rescued by the RSPCA and are named Twister and Scrabble. The other two are named Hannibal and Griffin both of which are boys and are very lively!

Samson has now had water added to his pen and is enjoying swimming around. Pasco has also had water in his enclosure this week, and is proving to be a very inquisitive seal pup. The animal care team are very pleased with the progress all the pups are making.
Alan in the hospital - photo was taken by AmyFeena in the hospital - photo was taken by Amy Gryffin in the hospital - photo was taken by Amy
Nursery pool and Convalescent pool

Mina who is now in the convalescent pool and nursery pools is taking full advantage of the fact most of the 'grown ups' are not eating. She is putting on weight from stealing everyone else's fish. All the other pups in the nursery pools are making great progress they are now learning to compete for their fish and interact with older seals.
Hannibal in the hospital - photo was taken by AmyPasco in the hospital - photo was taken by Amy Samson in the hospital - photo was taken by Amy
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