Update 9th September 2007

Magnus is being picked on by Marlin, however, he is giving as good as he gets, he as also discovered a new corner of the pool to sunbath but always ventures back to his usual corner for his fish.

Snoopy has taken to howling and groaning during the Animal Care Teams talks, much to the visitor's amusement.

Fatima is squinting a lot recently due to the sunny weather we are having, and lounging about the pool.

Atlanta has become friendly with Sheba this week and has enjoyed laying about with her.

Marlin has been harassing Magnus, and is very hungry at the moment. He keeps jumping out of the pool when ever he hears the fish buckets.

Lizzie is still blocking the drain when the Animal Care Team are cleaning. She is hiding away from Marlin and Ray this week whilst their attention is on Magnus.

Sheba has been sleeping in nursery pool 2 with Atlanta, enjoying each others company.

Anneka has been making the Animal Care Team work very hard by making a mess when they have just cleaned up. They have been chasing after her with the hose this week, and she is loving the attention.

Ray has been joining in with Marlin and tormenting Magnus, he is also answering to anyone's name during feeding.

Mika has been a very cheeky seal this week, and winding Chaff up. She has a new toy hoop but got it stuck round her neck like a necklace, the Animal Care Team were trying very hard to get it off but she kept chasing them - eventually it came off. Chaff is still mooing like a cow at Rocky during the 3.30pm feed and is trying really hard to ignore Mika when she gets cheeky and excited.

Flotsam and Jetsam are being very boisterous and play fighting all the time. They have been chasing each other up and down the pool, and splashing around.

Rocky has been misbehaving and ignoring the Animal Care team during his husbandry training. He has been sulking a bit this week.

Carus has had a new feed ball put into his pool along with an ice cube with fish in the middle. He has enjoyed his new toys but keeps stealing Boadicea's toys and fish. Boadi has also been very greedy and is always chasing the Animal Care Team for more fish.

Sahara has had some tests this week and awaiting the results, so that the Animal Care Team can plan his next stage of rehabilitation. He is still in need of some exercise.

Thai and Bamboo who are usually very cheeky otters, have been very well behaved this week. They have been completing all their training which makes a very nice change.

All the goats have had lots of exercise at the weekends, Churchill in particular is being a show off and digging up the grass, making himself a bed.

The ponies are still on their strict diet which is not going down well; they keep trying to escape to a much greener field.

Reef, our cat, has been naughty this week too; he had an appointment with the vet in the morning but hid until his appointment had to be cancelled and then turned up for his lunch.

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