Update 9th June 2006

Magnus has been a very nosey seal this week, as we had a builder in working on the nursery pools. Magnus doesn’t move from the bottom corner now and now has to be fed there.

Fatima is doing lots of floating and chilling in the water this week, at feeding time, she just waits until the fish lands on her nose to eat them rather than have to fight for her fish.

Lizzie is still flying out the pool at feeding time towards the Animal Care Team.

Sheba is really enjoying the mackerel, is always first ready at feeding time.

Anneka is this week stealing fish out of the puppy’s mouths.

Snoopy has now learnt that if she stay’s on the pool by Magnus, she will get some fish (as Animal Care Team feels sorry for her).

This week Atlanta, Ray and Marlin are all doing synchronised swimming round the pool. First in line is Ray followed by Attie with Marlin bringing up the rear.

Flotsam and Jetsam are following the fish van every time they see it in the hope of extra food; also they are really missing the sardines.

Yulelog has put on some weight this week but we will continue to monitor him, and also continue with the extra feeds. Flipper is really annoying the Animal Care Team when they clean his pool, as he sits on the hose. Trying to get him to move is proving difficult.

Pepper is doing a lot of sleeping in the sunshine this week, resting her poor old bones. Rocky is a lot quieter this week and is being nice to Pepper.

Carus enjoyed a visit from 60 school children this week; he is also putting on extra weight. The Animal Care Team have also (they think) found a pallet that is big enough to take his weight so they can weigh him.

Mika and Chaff are still making noises like farm yard animals. Chaff now has a long target stick. The Animal Care Team can now put the end of the target stick all over Chaff’s body and he will stay still.

Thai and Bamboo have extra mealworms and crabs this week, but are hiding from the heat in the log pile.

All the ponies had a bath this week and their coats shampooed with an avocado shampoo.

Goats had some extra treats this week in the shape of brambles.


Stoggs has being hanging out in nursery 2 this week.

Wilson, Storm, Speckle, Slip and Bess have all been moved in to nursery pool 1 ready for hat tagging.

Bogart and Bock have decided that they were ready for release and needed to be in nursery pool 1. The Animal Care Team came down to the pools to find Bock and Boggart had got under the gate and were quite happily swimming in the nursery pool. The next time the pool was drained; Bock and Bogart were transported back to the convalescence pool.

All the other pups continue to do well.

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