Sanctuary's Latest News Update 9th May 2008
Magnus is sleeping by the steps in the convalescent pool and although he is not hungry, he is still sticking his flipper in the air to attract the attention of the Animal Care Team. Fatima has a little bit of a snotty nose, so we had to give her an injection; normally she would receive her treatment in her fish, but she is not hungry at the moment. Dan managed to get her first time, but afterwards she did make a bolt for it! Lizzie has nearly moulted, although at this rate, it will take her until next winter to finish. Sheba has had a squint so a course of treatment was decided on, as soon as she started treatment, the squinting stopped. Anneka has been sunbathing on the side of the pool, and thinking she would get more attention if she faked a squint; this was spotted by the Animal Care Team, so no special treatment for her. our resident grey seals
Snoopy has been to the beauty parlour this week, and has had her nails clipped. All went well, she was happy (a word we don't use very often with Snoopy, so we shall say it again) she was HAPPY to go into nursery pool 1 and into the cage so we could cut her nails, unfortunately she now refuses to leave!! Ray has been a good boy this week, which means he is up to something... Even Marlin has been good during pool cleaning this week and has not bothered the Animal Care Team. Attie has joined Snoopy in nursery pool 1 and seems quite happy and just chillin.
Yulelogs is moulting his coat so he is not in a good mood - very grumpy. This week Yulelogs and Flipper were treated to the fish cannon which Flipper had great fun in trying out, and got the hang of it straight away. Yulelogs couldn't get the hang of it and was surprised when he noticed Flipper had fish and soon caught on to what was happening.

Luna and Sija both have been given sprats this week, and really did enjoy them. Luna is getting fatter by the day, but is blooming.

Sahara was caught up in a cage on Thursday morning for a blood test to check his thyroid levels, and to be transferred to nursery pool 1, this is the start of the big moves. Sahara was a little reluctant to get in the cage, as he knew that the Animal Care Team did not have his passport so was not going on his summer holidays. Rocky has yet to notice that Sahara has left his pool, so he has no one to pick on.

Boadi is doing well with training and has mastered the new commands, so the Animal Care Team can now start on the new stuff like getting her to lie still so we can check her flippers. So will we be back to stand offs again.

We have finally given up with the sponge, and this week Chaff ate a sea gull. He has also been eyeing up Rocky and puffing his chest out as if to make himself the bigger sea lion, this means he is not concentrating on his training.

Thai and Bamboo are spending lots of time grooming each other. Also the toads are back so Thai has some company again.
Reef, our cat, has been spending time with the Animal Care Team and even let Dan stroke him…which doesn't normally happen.

The goats are not happy this week, especially Elvis as they have had a large woolly thing turn up in their paddock by the name of Stanley (right), he is the newest resident at Gweek, who has put Elvis's nose out of joint when they all went for a walk. Elvis kept trying to get in front of Stanley, but he had the longer legs which frustrated Elvis. Our Ponies - Bracken was also unhappy at the latest arrival and had a staring contest with Stanley, Stanley won, as Bracken got bored and his belly started to rumble.
Stanley, the Sheep, photo was taken by Rachael
This season's rescued seal pups (2007/08)

Convalescent Pool - Again we weighed all the rescued seal pups this week, and we have a couple of new entries and some none movers, here we go…
Dropping 2 places to number16 - Risk weight 21.5 kilos
Also dropping 2 places to number15 - Sinbad weight 22 kilos
New entry in at number14 - Samson weight 33 kilos
Dropping one place to number13 - Davey weight 33 kilos
Also down one place at12 - Hannibal weight 33 kilos
In at11 - Imogen weight 38 kilos
None mover at10 - Baggy weight 38.5 kilos
Down three places at09 - Monopoly weight 39 kilos
None mover08 - Jenifer weight 39.5 kilos
Up to places to number07 - Piran weight 42 kilos
Down one place to number

06 - Dewy weight 40.5 kilos

Top 5
New entry in at05 - Sebastian weight 43 kilos
New entry in at04 - Fabula weight 45 kilos
None mover at03 - Kerplunk weight 45 kilos
None mover at

02 - Ellie weight 50 kilos

And the number one position for the second week is Pedrek at 51 kilos.
Main Hospital

April, pen number 1, has now been moved to the main hospital and is starting to lose her white coat, she is a quiet pup, and spends lots of time sleeping. Tamsyn, pen number 2, is now in water and likes to have a swim just after feeding time before having a snooze. Cubert, pen number 3, is going to be moved back down to the outside pool again at the weekend, hopefully he will do better second time around. Tegan, pen number 4, is now off treatment for her eye, and we are waiting to see how her eye improves with no treatment, if all is ok she can be moved back outside, which I am sure she will be pleased about. Read about Tegan's eye injury on the BBC's website by clicking on this link.
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