Update 9th February 2007

Magnus is moulting more and more every day. But he still has patches of brown fur on his flipper and nose. He is still very hungry, and we have to keep an eye on Snoopy to stop her stealing his fish.

Lizzie has now started to moult and can still be found shadowing Atlanta around the pool.

Anneka is a dull grey colour, and has started moulting. She is also still in love with Ray.

Sheba is still moulting, and has this week turned her attention to Marlin, and doing lots of flirting.

Fatima is a very hungry lady at the moment and keeps popping out onto the side of the pool, wanting more fish.

Snoopy is showing no signs of moulting, and is more grumpy then usual, as the Animal Care Team are making her go into the pool at feeding time.

Ray is enjoying being back in the Convalescence pool, and has show signs of growing fur, as he now has some on his neck (looks like he is wearing a scarf).

Marlin is really enjoying the company of Sheba and is feeding a lot better now.

Attie is still spending lots of time with Lizzie, as Lizzie tends to hitch a lift on Attieís back around the pool.

Flotsam and Jetsam plus Little Ed were pleased to see the back of the pups, as they were transferred to the Convalescence pool. Only to be disappointed when the Animal Care Team brought more in to their pool from the hospital.

Flipper and Yulelog are in preparation of the England football term playing their friendly match this week. Flipper was all for encouraging them, as he turned his feed ball in to a football. This didnít please Yulelog as he just wants to eat the fish that was inside of it.

Monday was moving day for Rocky, as we had to move him out of his pool, and in to his temporary home, so we could start work on his new pool. The training the Animal Care Team had done with Rocky over the past few weeks had paid off, and Rocky was happy to get in the cage and wheeled to the other end of the Sanctuary. He has settled down in his temporary new home, and is eating well.

Carus has had the pool cleaned, and is still a little put out by the visitors, who come to see him and donít give him any fish.

Thai and Bamboo both have been having a field day with the torrential rain, and we think they are making a raft out of the wood thatís in their enclosure.

Goats have been very unhappy with the amount of rain this week. Elvis could properly be on the stage as this week, he was wormed, but it seems to have given him a limp (he only limps when he can see people watching him), Elvis is competing against Snoopy for Drama Queen of the Sanctuary. Votes should be set via email to the Sanctuary.

Ponies: Tuppence and Bracken aka Steve McQueen once again broke out this week, after making short work of the fences, which have now been reinforced again. Luckily for the Animal Care Team the greedy ponies only made it as far as some new grass at the top Sanctuary.

Reef (our cat) is spending lots of the Estuary (must be fishing), he is also enjoying sleeping in the hay, at the ponies.


Convalescence Pool
All the pups are doing well, and not bothered by the seal pox (bit like chicken pox).

Common Seals Pool
Smurf has been growling at the Animal Care Team plus two of the pups (not sure who they where) were on Friday morning beating up (playfully) one of the Common Seal, who seemed unfazed by what seem to be happening.

Hospital - Main area
Eve, in hospital pen 1, is now a little fat seal, with a bit of a belly on her. She is now off all treatment, has been allowed back in to water, and is finally self feeding. Cyclops, in hospital pen 2, is now a lot better after his change of treatment, breathing is more controlled, but his right eye remains closed. Pluto, in hospital pen 3, is useless at self feeding and is yet to get the hang of it, the Animal Care Team are trying to encourage him as much as possible. Flik, in hospital pen 4, is now off treatment, but we are waiting for her blood results to come back before she can be moved down to the Common pool.

Did you know that.....All our pups are up for adoption. Please check out our adoption page for more information.

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