Update 8th September 2006

Magnus has been sleeping a lot in the corner of the pool, and only comes out when the gate opens. He also has been sleeping on the other side of the pool, and also missed out on conger eel as well.

Lizzie has been springing out of the pool on all sides, this has been keeping the Animal Care Team (ACT) on their toes. She also missed out on her conger eel as Sheba stole it.

Anneka after being given a piece of conger eel, had it quickly stolen by Fatima.

Both Fatima and Sheba have stolen extra conger eel off the other residents.

Snoopy is doing a lot of moaning and really hates the mackerel, but really loves the sardine.

Ray managed to get in on the girl’s treats and stole a conger eel.

Marlin is back in training for the Seal Olympics and can be found sprinting up and down the Convalescence pool.

Attie is sitting at the back of the pool during feeding time, waiting for her turn to be fed, so the ACT are making sure she get some extra fish thrown to her.

Flotsam and Jetsam, our common seals, had a guest arrive this week in their enclosure. The pup in the hospital ‘E’ Minor was moved down into the pool with them. Flot and Jet are stealing ‘E’ Minor’s fish so the ACT are feeding him separately while the boys are doing their training.

Both Flipper and Yulelog were weighed at the weekend and both have put on 30 kilos in the last 2 months. Flipper has now finished his out-of-season moult and has a lovely new blue coat.

Pepper has gone off mackerel and refusing to eat, even when the ACT put the fish in a feed ball. She has also been flirting with Rocky by shaking her bottom at him. Rocky is enjoying the attention from Pepper so he is barking less.

Carus has had his food increased; as the ACT thought he was looking a little small, he was also treated to a conger eel. Carus has also had some company from the ACT when they cleaned his pool and also from “D Williams builders” who are making some changes to his pool – Why you ask? You will have to read next week’s update and all will be revealed.

Chaff had extra fish – this is because he stole the bucket of fish off Claire and ran off with it. Mika has a treat of conger eel, which she loves and flung it around the enclosure, before eating it.

Thai has decided this week not to do the talks, but has been trying to hang off the legs of the ACT, during the talks. Bamboo has been hungry and hoovering up all the food, it could be that Bamboo is eating all the food to stop the baby magpies from eating it.

Our ponies have had their hoofs trimmed, and Muffin has been treated to some barley rings as she needs to put on a little more weight before the winter sets in. Bracken and Tuppence don’t need the extra food as they are quite round.

Elvis and Priscilla, two of our goats, are still managing to escape on a weekly basis and this week they were found by the toilet block eating the lush green grass.

The ACT had managed to catch Reef and give him his flea treatment, he is also being more friendly and has ventured up to the hospital.

Darwin still has a runny nose, but a swab shows everything is clear and so he will be released next week with Bogart and Fawn.

Bogart and Fawn are always together swimming and sleeping and playing with the public at the underwater viewing window.

New Pups for 2006/07 Rescue Season

Roo is doing well, but doesn’t like having his temperature taken and his belly-button cleaned. He does, however, like his food and 10 – 15 minutes before feeding, starts to shout to remind the ACT that it is nearly feeding time.

Roo, the first pup of season for 2006/7 - Photo taken by Rachael Vine Roo, the first pup of season for 2006/7 - Photo taken by Rachael Vine

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