Sanctuary's Latest News Update 8th August 2008

Magnus (right) is still going through his molt and is a little underweight, so the Animal CareTeam are giving him extra fish. Fatima is very hungry and at feeding time is trying to steal everybody else's pill fish. Lizzie has a squint in her eye which she is receiving treatment for, she is also Queen of the top step in the Convalescent Pool. Sheba has been teasing Snoopy this week, especially during the talks for the public. Sheba likes to go in to nursery pool one and head around the back and come up behind Snoopy who is displeased with these antics. Magnus
AnnekaAnneka also has a squint and is receiving treatment for it, this is being made difficult by the fact she is off her fish and her antibiotics need to be administered this way. Snoopy is pleased that she has Nursery pool 2 to herself, but will moan when anyone tries to get to close to her. This became apparent when Sheba tried to get in the pool and got moaned at, that she dived in to nursery pool 1 and slipped in through the back much to Snoopy's horror. Ray is enjoying fun time with the Animal Care Team in the afternoons he especially enjoys playing with the hose and chasing the stream of water.
Marlin is having his quality time with the Animal Care Team cut short in the afternoons as Ray keeps coming over to muscle in on the action. Attie is sad this week as the rubber toy she has spent the last few weeks playing with, has now become very tatty and has been removed from the pool.

Both Luna and Sija have finished molting and looking very pretty in their new coats. Both are enjoying being in the shallows. April (right) has started to take an interest in fish but Sija is too quick for her and keeps getting them all.
Photo of April was taken by Helen Allies
Boadi Yulelogs is still sporting blonde highlights in his coat. Flipper likes to be with the Animal Care Team during pool cleaning and wherever the team are Flipper is sitting behind them, this is making cleaning a little difficult.

Rocky is looking a little better and continuing to put on weight, we are going to weigh him next week. He has also started moulting and we have put a rubber mat in the enclosure for him to sleep on. Boadi (left) likes to spend her days sleeping on the rock and is also become very stubborn during training and is refusing to do some of her commands.
Andy (right) is starting to improve with his training and it is going well but he likes to see how far he can push the Animal Care Team by not doing what he is asked. We have started new training with Chaff; cleaning his teeth he seems very keen on this and always opens his mouth.

Sahara's training is coming on well and we can now get him to hold his nose on a high stick and check his neck. Sahara has also been given an ice machine for the summer to keep him cool; as yet we are waiting on sunshine.
Churchill Bamboo is still hording food and hiding it from Thai. We are now cutting up fish to give these two and they are really enjoying it.

Churchill (left) is a little under the weather, and has been put on a course of antibiotics. Stanley's coat has started to grow and he looks very funny in the rain. All the ponies are a little bit itchy and have been given a bath in special shampoo, they are all much happier as they are now in the bigger field.     Reef, our cat, is still doing lots of exploring around the Sanctuary.
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£5 per month will allow us train one additional seal rescue volunteer
£10 per month will pay for one day’s fish for the resident seals

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