Update 8th July 2005

This week has been a relatively quite one in the convalescent pool, however, at feeding time the residents have obviously being spoilt rotten by the animal care team as they have become very demanding and have been turning their noses up at the sardines in preference for mackerel. They only one who is happy with this is Snoopy who has been going around sucking up all the sardineís that everyone else drops!

Flotsam and Jetsam have been feeding well and still the animal care team are unable to satisfy their hungers, despite both seals putting on weight. The animal care team put it down to the fact that Flotsam and Jetsam are so active during the day as they chase anyone who walks past their enclosure wearing green in the hope they may have a few extra fish for them!

Flipper is still suffering with toothache and has received a change in medication in the hope that this will help ease his discomfort. Despite this, Flipper is still feeding well and doing his training each day. Yulelogís training is now back on track after a small set back a couple of weeks ago when he became very distracted by the people watching him train. He is now behaving himself perfectly whilst his daily health check is done and focusí solely on his bucket of fish!

To the huge relief of all at the sanctuary, Pepper seems to be back to her usual self after feeling a little under the weather the last couple of weeks. With her extra feed a day she has continued to put on weight, this week gaining a further two kilos, and appears to be out to prove that theirs life in the old girl yet! Much to the amusement of the animal care team, the usual doting Rocky, has not been the least bit concerned about Pepperís well-being and much more concerned about why he is not getting extra fish too!

With all the rain over the last week, the otters, Thai and Bamboo, have been having great fun making mud slides down the bank in their enclosure. This week the animal care team prepared the otters a treat of miniature beef burgers. Although made from the same beef the otters are fed each day the differently shaped meat was approached with huge suspicion resulting in only a few nibbles. The animal care teamís enrichment ideas are not always successful but they donít let this damp their creative spark!!

Since being moved down to the pools, Briannock has made good progress. She is now feeding in the water with a little help from the animal care team and has started to put on weight. April has also been doing much better since sharing her pool with Briannock. She is now chasing after her fish in the pool and also gaining weight.

Wey has been recovering well and although the surgical wound on her flipper is not completely healed yet the animal care team expect a speedy recovery.

Bubbles and Gannel were released early on Wednesday morning near St Agnes on the north coast. Gannel went straight into the sea but Bubbles took a little encouragement but eventually took the plunge.

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