Update - 8th July 2004
Charlie has now been moved from the hospital. He was making so much noise we thought seeing other seals might calm him down, but it has had the opposite effect and he is now continuing to make a racket and wants to be with the residents in the convalesce pool, unfortunately he cant go in until his wound has healed.

Frodo has spent the last week with Flotsam and Jetsam and seems to be getting on very well now. We have decided to move Frodo in with Charlie, to continue his rehab program.

The release of Willow, Larch, and Thistle took place at Church Cove on Monday 5th July 2004. Thistle spent the first 24 hours at Church Cove bobbing around in the shallows, but thankfully has now gone. Willow was spotted at Porthleven Monday evening swimming along side a sailing boat, but has now moved on.

The new pool development has been hampered by the bad weather this week, but we will still open it on time.

Dock and Clover were fitted with hat tags, Sweetpea was supposed to have a hat but she wriggled so much it fell off, Sweetpea won that round and it was decided not to stress her out again by trying to put it back on.

All the residents are well, Marlin likes to spend his afternoons swimming up and down the pool slapping his side which amuses our visitors.

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