Update 8th June 2007

Magnus has now moved half way down the haul out in the Convalescent Pool, and has been eating his fish with his head in the water. Unfortunately Fatima keeps stealing them from him, but he is being very good and not shouting at Fatima.

Fatima is very hungry at the moment and full of beans, properly why she is stealing fish from Magnus.

The Convalescent Pool has been treated to a few new enrichment toys by the Animal Care Team this week. We now have a raft back in this pool, which Sheba was the first to find, very inquisitive and doing lots of exploring of it.

Something that was not part of the new enrichment toys on Wednesday was a teddy bear that had been dropped by a child in the pool. Anneka was the first to find it, but luckily the Animal Care Team were quick to retrieve it before she got her teeth in to it.

Lizzie is enjoying the sunshine, and can be found on the side of the pool, sleeping with her tongue hanging out.

Snoopy is being very sociable at the moment, and not moaning at any of the pups or residents. Snoopy has also been taking early morning swims to the other side of the pool, to keep an eye on the swallows that are nesting in the caves.

Ray has been so busy this week, getting up to all kinds of trouble, he has been….sunbathing!!

Marlin has been doing some target training with the Animal Care Team. The Animal Care Team can now check his front and rear flippers and he does like it when the girls stroke his belly.

Attie has been eating a little this week, but has been spending lots of her time floating with her head on the raft.

Congratulation to Sahara who is, this week, showing off his full body of slivery fur, and looking very handsome. Despite all the fish and the three feeds a day, Sahara is looking very trim and at the moment is looking like a possible release. Jetsam has a small wound on his back flippers where Sahara bit him. Flotsam is very happy at the moment and spending lots of time blowing bubbles.

Flipper's eye is still receiving treatment, but is slowly improving. Flipper and Yulelog were treated to ice blocks, and now they are both wise to it, that they just wait for it to melt.

Rocky has been doing lots of sunbathing this week, and the Animal Care Team treated him to a conger eel in an ice block, this he did enjoy apart for the conger eel head which he spat out.

Boadi is spending lots of time sitting on the side of the pool, tucked up in a littlish ball, we think Boadi may and we stress MAY be pregnant, but this has yet to be confirmed. If she is, she will be giving birth some time in June, so watch this space…Carus and Boadi were both treated to ice blocks, which as always were enjoyed by all.

Mika and Chaff had some enrichment toys made for them by the Animal Care Team. One of the toys consisted of two Thomas the Tank Engine footballs in two milk grates. Mika pushed it with her nose but was unimpressed by the effort of the team. Chaff was given a football which he burst and then through over the wall of the enclosure. The ice blocks were a great success and Mika even tried to get her flippers on the ice block the Animal Care Team made for Chaff after finishing her block.

Thai and Bamboo both are now back to their normal selfs and treated to milworms and crabs. Ice blocks were also made but they have now become wise to this, and just wait for the blocks to melt.

Not to be left out of the treats that the seals are receiving the goats, have had a new shelter made by Tamara (she is very proud of her skills to make something out of nothing) which was made out of an old slide. This is mostly used by Elvis and Pricilla. Elvis sticks his head out from the shelter and bleats, he reminds everyone of the lion at the start of the MGM films.

Ponies - Escape Success This Week = 0
All the ponies have had garlic powder added to their feed to help to keep the flies away.

Reef, our cat, is very hungry this week but has not been seen much by the Animal Care Team.


Convalescence Pool
Pluto, Boss and Tiger Lilly - As the Convalescent Pool is not very hungry, the pups are receiving lots of extra fish and putting on weight.

Nursery Pool
Olive and Eve both are in nursery pool 2, as Olive was having a few problems putting on weight, this now seems to be ok, and she is putting on weight at a steady pace. Eve is doing her best to encourage her.

Seal Release
On Tuesday (5th June 2007) morning we arrived at the Sanctuary at 7am, as it was release day for Stitch, Cyclops, Cinders and Mowgli. After Mowgli's television debut last week on BBC Springwatch, the film crew were keen to follow his release back to the wild. All the seals were weighed before being put into the trailer. All of them weighed over 40 kilos an excellent weight for release!

With the film crew following, Clare and Rachael headed for Gwithian for the release. For Clare and Rachael it was a special day, as they had rescued Cyclops. Rachael had also assisted in the rescue of Mowgli with Maz and Dan; however, it was now time to say good-bye. Also present at Mowgli's release and saying a fond farewell were members of the Cornwall Seal Group and BDMLR who had also been present on the day of Mowgli's rescue.

Once on the beach, all the seals were a little hesitant before finally getting out the trailer and flopping down the beach. Without the dedication of the Animal Care Team, here at the National Seal Sanctuary, Mowgli and all the other seals the Seal Sanctuary rescue every year would not survive.

Ready for the offHere we go Free...
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