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Issue 43
8th May 2010

Sahara's Challenge
As you may remember in our last update we told you about Sahara sadly passing away here at the Sanctuary.

Before this happened a number of staff at the Sanctuary were planning on walking the ten highest mountains in the UK in 48 hours in aid of Sahara’s new arctic pool.

The staff involved are still planning on doing the walk, but in memory of Sahara and raising funds for our forthcoming rescue season.

If you would like to sponsor the team you can make a donation via our paypal account or you can send a cheque to the Sanctuary, made payable to the 'National Seal Sanctuary', or call 01326 221361 to make a donation.

For more information on the walk, click on the link to find out which mountains the team will be hiking.
Resident News
Common Seals: Sija and Luna have been joined by Lavender in their pool. Sija is having great fun playing with the pups. Luna is being very good letting the pups play around her and even letting them jump all over her. Both the Sija and Luna are eating lots of mackerel getting ready for their moult later in the year.

Noito, Diego and André: Despite Diego consuming
9 kilos of fish a day, at the end of his feed, he is still looking for more fish. You think he would of learnt after day one that there was going to be no extra fish in the bucket, but he just likes to make sure with the Animal Care Team that they are not hiding any in the bottom. Photo below of Noito.
Convalescent Pool: Marlin is very happy to be back in the pool with Ray, but now likes to go on holiday to his nursery pool and visit it to remember the old times. The Animal Care Team are still doing Marlin's target training they started while he was in the nursery pool and he is getting better at it every day. Ray is having lots of fun with the hose pipe playing with it during cleaning time. He has also spotted Atlanta playing with the life ring, and thinking that looks like fun tried to do the same. Unfortunately Ray is a little bigger then Atlanta and can only get his head through the ring. All are feeding well.

Flipper and Yulelog are still receiving 12 kilos of fish a day due to their moult, and also receiving extra target training, they have also been treated to feed balls by the team.
Penguins are gaining more confidence everyday and will now come out of the water when the Animal Care Team are sitting on the side of the pool. Green chick and Pink are still eating lots of fish. Hopefully when we do the next update for the web site, all four chicks will have names.
Muffin the pony has been extremely noisy this week doing lots of neighing in the field, all three are starting to moult their winter coats.

Andrew, our little goat, won the high jumping competition this week against Monty.

Stanley does not like any one and tries to head butt the Animal Care Team when they come into his enclosure. All three will be due to be sheered in the few months or so.
Resident News
Otters: Starsky and Hutch have been spending some of the week improving their juggling with pebbles and entertaining the crowds. Both were given a treat of prawns which when they could find them were gobbled up very quickly, and new enrichment in the form of bubbles.

When we introduce a new enrichment we give our seals, sea lion and otters a score out of 10. This is made up of how excited they were with the new enrichment and the benefits they received. This week Animal Care Team members, Dan and Ali, tried blowing bubbles.

For our otters, using the bubble wands available from our gift shop (priced £2.25 also available from our gift shop on line).

Now despite the light wind, Dan blew as hard as he could, and the bubbles went nowhere near the otters, but blew behind Dan and into the face of Ali. Ali couldn't stop laughing and the otters wondered what all the fuss was about.

Score for the new enrichment:-

Otters - no score
Dan - 6/10 very enriched
Ali - 4/10 (Dan scored her) needs more enrichment

South African Fur Seals: Andy and Chaff have been treated this week to ice blocks, which went down a treat. Andy is receiving treatment for a squint in his eye, and Chaff likes to spend his time swimming with his flippers in the air, this does help to cool him down. Photo below of Andy.
South African Fur Seals
Nursery Pools
Nursery Pool 1: Gilderoy has been moved into nursery pool 1 as he is a little bit slower then Weasley and
Bagshot (photo below) in the pup rehabilitation pool, and needs to put on weight. This can be a common problem, but it is good news for Mad Eye Moody as he will have a pup at the same stage of rehabilitation as himself and will hopefully be released in the future together.

Nursery Pool 2: Mad Eye Moody is receiving a course of treatment for an infection in his other eye, but at the moment all signs are still good for him to be released later in the year.
Rock Pool
Now if you have ever visited the Seal Sanctuary you will know that next to the Penguins we have a rock pool. In this rock pool are a number of different creatures that you can find in rock pools on the beaches in Cornwall such as starfish (photo below), shore crabs, mullet, gobies and hermit crabs.

We have had a complaint from the rock pool creatures committee, in charge is Mike (he is the largest mullet in the rock pool) and Gerry (a sea cucumber) that we have never in all the time the rock pool has been at the Sanctuary done an update about all these creatures, so for the first time in history and since doing regular updates about all the animals that live here, here it is a drum roll please.....

All the creatures in the rock pool are feeding and doing well!!
It can cost up to £1000+ to rescue rehabilitate and release a grey seal pup. Help Us to Help Them.

All rescued seal pups are still available for adoption. Pup adoptions start from £25, click on this link for more information or email the adoption coordinator at If you would like to donate now click on this link.