Update 8th April 2005

Magnus - The Animal Care Team have decided to start weaning Magnus off being hand fed on the side of the pool as it is starting to become an increasingly risky task with Snoopy always close by trying to steal his fish. However, they will be keeping a very close eye on him to ensure he gets enough fish and doesnít start loosing weight again. Despite the Animal Care Teamís efforts and Magnus now being in the pool at feeding times, Snoopy still would prefer her fish on the side of the pool and is still causing the Animal Care Team trouble at feeding times.

Sheba is still enjoying the attentions of her two toy boys Marlin and Ray. However, this doesnít stop her from batting her eye lashes in Magnusí direction whenever heís nearby. She is still having trouble with her eye problem and is receiving treatment for it.

Anneka is now moulting and is enjoying some time to herself choosing one of the caves as her own personal bedroom. This year Anneka is well prepared for her moult and, the usual very slim Anneka, is now the biggest female in the pool!

Fatima has been fairly quiet this week having finished moulting, she seems content to just swim around minding her own business that is unless a conger is thrown into the pool.

Anneka has been back to her usual cheeky self this week and has been chasing the Animal Care Team around the bottom of the pool on the days itís cleaned.

Attie has really been enjoying the Animal Care Team coming to clean the haul out every morning as it means she gets play her favourite game of wrapping herself up in the hose pipe as it dangles in the pool.

Lizzie as usual is the quietest member of the convalescents pool and has been enjoying a spot of sunbathing this week.

Flotsam and Jetsam have had their food reduced and Flotsam is now back to eating normally. It has also been a good week for Flotsam as the Animal Care Team have given him back his favourite toy a big plastic ring which he loves swimming around in.

Both Flipper and Yulelogs had a fantastic time earlier this week when the Animal Care Team left their pool filling for a little longer than usual. There was water everywhere and our two boys seemed to really enjoy their watery wonderland.

Rocky is well in to his breeding season and spends much of his day swimming about barking for Pepper. However, Pepper is a very clever sealion and can often be seen putting her head in the water to make Rocky come over then sliding to the other end of the pool before he knows sheís moved.

Dipsy has had a poorly eye this week and is receiving antibiotics and pain relief, she is already looking better and the Animal Care Team think is will make a full recovery.

Carus has been introduced to the new member of the Animal Care Team, Amanda, this week although both were a little weary of each to start with, they are now getting on very well after Amanda produced his favourite food a conger eel, to soften him up.

The Otters have been treated to some new big conifer branches this week and have been having lots of fun dragging them around the enclosure and using them as bedding.

There is a lot of excitement up at the paddock this week as news has spread of a new pony that may be joining Tuppence and Bracken.      Both Ponies and Goats will be excited to meet this newcomer when she arrives late this afternoon (Friday 8th April 2005). Muffin, a Dartmoor Pony, will be put in a field on her own for a bit until she gets used to Tuppance and Bracken.     Here is a photo of Muffin at her previous home:-

Muffin, a Dartmoor Pony


The convalescent pool pups (Tees, Clifford, Dee, Don, Wiske, Lew) are all starting to look fat and almost ready for release, even little Wiske and Lew have started to get little bellies.

The three girls waiting for their release in nursery pool 2 (Hope, Ribble, Camel) are starting to get a bit fed up with waiting and can often be seen scratching at the barrier to the convalescents pool or showing off their hat tags to members of the public at the under water view window. The Animal Care Team hopes they will be release next week.

Teign, Brant and Lune are still in their nursery pool awaiting hat tagging. However, in the meantime they have been put on a diet as the Animal Care Team thought they had got rather large in the last week which may cause trouble when hat tagging occurs.

Taw has settled in well to life in a nursery pool and has been spotted spending a lot of time at the gate to the next door pool. The Animal Care Team think that he is probably getting a bit lonely and hope it wonít be long before he can be moved to the convalescents pool for some company.

Bubbles has now rejoined the round pool and seems to be a lot happier to be back with all his friends

All the pups in the round pool are doing very well Hoompah, Dinky, Winter and Dagger are now clear of their pox and the Animal Care Team hope the other pups in the pool (Ermine, Smokey, Clyde, Breezie), will not be far behind and they can soon start with their releases.

Gannel is doing well after initial worries that he may have swallowed some netting as he was having trouble eating and had lost some weight. However, after an x-ray on Tuesday he has been given the all clear from the vet and something to settle his tummy and is now eating well on his own and his wound is healing well. The Animal Care Team thinks he will make a full recovery.

Lastly the Animal Care Team have some sad news. Despite thinking he was on the road to recovery, Thomas, our resident cat, passed away at the weekend. He will be greatly missed by everyone at the sanctuary. He has been buried on site in a sunny spot up at the paddocks where he can keep a watchful eye on the Sanctuary that was his home for over 20 years.

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