Weekly News Update w/e 9th February 2008
Magnus this week is on the move and avoiding the girls. He has taken a few scrapes from Fatima and Sheba but he is still holding his own. On his swim around the pool, the pups have now learnt to get out of his way, as Magnus just tends to swim over the top of them.

Fatima and Sheba are doing lots of hugging and consoling each other over the fact that Magnus does not want to know Fatima. While Sheba is consoling Fatima, Anneka has decided to try her luck with Magnus, and is showing lots of interest in him.

Lizzie is after a bit of quiet time and wishes to be left alone, but she is not having a lot of luck and is spending most of the day trying to avoid the resident seals and pups.

Snoopy is starting to moult her winter coat and has a beautiful silver new coat coming through. She is also starting to lose her winter weight and is looking very trim.

Ray is confused after all the interest he received last year from the girls, he cannot understand why nobody likes him this year. Ray is not looking forward to Valentines Day.

Marlin is receiving treatment for his third eye lid which seems to be a little inflamed, this includes antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and eye cream.

Attie is also going through her annual moult and growing new hair. She is also interested in the builders that are repairing the haul out area.
Flipper and Yulelogs have both been fighting with each other this week, training is a little hit and miss especially with Flipper who thinks the Animal Care Team are lying to him. We have been a little short on the mackerel this week, so everybody is having herring, which Flipper does not like. He comes out of the pool at feeding time, gets offered a herring turns his nose up and rolls back into the pool. After this happened a few times, Flipper convinced that the Animal Care Team were lying, thought he would check the bucket himself, took the bucket and went through all the fish but to no avail it was still just herring. He decided herring was at least better then nothing and ate every fish, but with an unhappy face. Flipper checking Tamara's bucket for fish!
This week the RSPCA pups, Jenga, Kurplunk and Monopoly that were in Luna and Sija's pool left to start their rehabilitation in the convalescent pool. A quiet time looked just around the corner, but they were joined a few moments later by the pups from the nursery pool 2 who had to be moved so we could repair the window. Both Luna and Sija are eating lots and will give the new pups a run for their money at feeding time.

Boadi is really missing Carus and so the Animal Care Team are trying to spend as much time as they can with her. She is receiving four feeds a day and lots of training, learning to jump off Carus' rock and come in and out of the pool when her name is called. We are also putting feed balls in the pools, which she is trying to get the hang of, but only really gets the fish out when the Animal Care Team hold the ball and stop it floating off. Leaving the pool after feeding time is difficult for Boadi as she always tries to follow the Animal Care Team out of the enclosure.

Mika thinks that every member of the Animal Care Team who walks passed her are going to feed her and will jump out of the pool and onto the side waiting for fish. We have had to adapt Chaff's training, as we would normally go in to Rocky's pool. Rocky, being blind, would not know we had a bucket of fish, so training had been little hazard, unfortunately Sahara can see perfectly well and thinks the fish is for him, so Chaff now gets trained on the side of the pool near the visitor's walk way. Chaff has also put in a request with the Animal Care Team for a ukulele (you ask why?) when the Animal Care Team are cleaning the windows in the morning, Chaff likes to help by cleaning the windows on the inside with his nose, leaving more smears then there was in the first place (still confused over the ukulele? George Formby 'When I'm cleaning windows...')
Rocky taking advantage of the best sunning spots in the pool, and now discovered the area at the back near the pump room and can be found sitting there most days. Sahara is getting used to his new life at the Sanctuary and now is becoming very demanding of the Animal Care Team. Training is moving at a very slow pace (it would be quicker to train a tortoise!!) but he is getting there and his fish now have to be whole, as he is refusing to eat half fish.

Reef, our cat, is doing lots of exploring and is always on the look out for food, he is like Yogi bear looking for food and would properly steal a visitor's picnic.
Rocky and Sahara
The Animal Care Team are planning a 'Changing Rooms' for Thai and Bamboo otter's enclosure, by introducing new plants and lots of different enrichment toys. They also managed to scare the Animal Care Team by pretending to chock on a pebble and were only playing with it.

Goats - Monty and Churchill have been clashing horns when no one is looking, and all have been for walkies. Priscilla was let off her lead and did not run off and came back to the Animal Care Team when called.

Ponies - Tuppance, Bracken and Muffin all had their tails and hoofs trimmed. Over the last few weeks, we have had no break outs. Which either means they are happy in their field or plotting their next escape.
Main Hospital

Hospital pen 1 - Jenifer is doing well, off all treatment and wounds healing, learning to feed in the water and now weighs 16.5 kilos, and should be moving to the outside pools very soon.

Hospital pen 2 - Tegan also putting on weight, and is the noisiest pup in the hospital, and also weighing 16 kilos.

Hospital pen 3 - Davy is still having discharge coming from his nose but is putting on weight at the same rate as everyone else in the hospital, and weighs 16 kilos.

Hospital pen 4 - Sebastian is off treatment for the discharge that was coming from his ear, all cleared up and weighing in at ..16 kilos
Convalescent pool and Nursery Pool

Nursery pool - Gwithyen, Dewy, Hannibal, Ellie and Pedrek were moved out of the nursery pool number 2. Gwithyen, Dewy and Pedrek have been moved in with Luna and Siji. Hannibal and Ellie into the convalescent pool. This all came as a bit of a shock for all these seals.

Convalescent Pool - Jenga, Kerplunk, Monopoly were moved into the convalescent pool on Thursday (7th February 2008) which was a shock to their system. Hannibal and Ellie are also getting used to their new surroundings. Nessa looking very round. Pasco also slowly putting on weight. Wella doing well. Digory only just 40 kilos and so watched his friend leave to be released back into the wild on Wednesday (6th February 2008).

Fenna still looking green but piling on the weight. Scramble not quite heavy enough for release, give him a few weeks. Samson lots of playing with the other pups. Gryffin spending time playing with other pups, and anybody else who ventures into the pool. Alan slow at putting on weight, needs to spend more time in the water and less time on the side of the pool.

Seal pups released back into the wild

Mina, Kitto, Hocken and Twister were all awoken early on Wednesday morning (6th February 2008) with lots of noise. The entire Animal Care Team arrived at 6am to do our first release of the 2007/08 rescue season. Floods lights were put in place and turned on, the pool was drained and 20 minutes later we were ready to start chasing seals around the bottom of the convalescent pool. First was 'Mina' weighing in at 55 kilos, she was one of the heaviest in this pool, and into the trailer. Next it was Kitto heavier then Mina, he was weighing at 57 kilos. Closely followed by Hocken at another 50 kilos and over; then Digory who was only just 40 kilos and so was returned to the pool. Twister was chased around the pool caught and taken to the scales. Over 50 kilos she was transferred to the back of the trailer for the short journey to Gwithian.

At the beach we were greeted by Hocken's rescuers and Kitto's sponsor (very privileged to be asked to join the release party). With the high tide at 5am, we had to take the trailer and land rover on to the beach and get as close to the tide line as possible. With expert driving, Clare positioned the trailer perfect and the ramp came down. Mina, Twister, Hocken and Kitto were a little scared to start with but the ocean was too much and they headed out. While Mina, Twister and Hocken all stuck together, Kitto seemed a little reluctant to go off with them and turned around a few times in the hope of returning to the trailer. But when the water touched his flippers', there was no stopping him, there was a brief look at all the people who had come to wave him off before he disappeared under the waves. Hopefully we will receive news of their whereabouts very soon.
This photo of Ermine was taken by Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal GroupRescued Pups from passed years

Puffa (rescued on 7th October 2001) has been spotted at a local seal haul-out this week looking well after her first pupping season. Puffa gave birth sometime this winter and is looking fit and healthy. Pacific (photo right) (arrived at Sanctuary from Guernsey on 11th March 2006) doing really well in the wild. Ermine (photo left) (rescued on 15th December 2004) looking healthy.
This photo of Pacific was taken by Sue Sayer of the Cornwall Seal Group
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