Update 7th July 2006

Luckily there were no more incidents with the raft in the Convalescence Pool this week, but Magnus has been pestered a lot by Ray and Marlin. Fatima has also been trying to steal Magnus’s fish.

Lizzie has been spending lots of time sleeping on the steps with her head and flippers out of the water, and her tongue hanging out.

Sheba has been pestering Magnus for fish at feeding time.

Fatima has now stopped lying in the middle of pool just waiting for fish, she is now swimming to get them. We think this is because she was very late finishing moulting.

Anneka is looking a bit wild at the moment, and on the look out for trouble, this is because she knows that the last of the pups will be going soon and playtime can begin.

Snoopy is spending her time sleeping in the afternoon’s on the large haul out area, but when it is time for bed she can be found sleeping by Magnus.

Attie has had a growth spurt this week.

Flotsam and Jetsam both have been introduced this week to the ‘training feed ball’ and have been learning how to use it. Flotsam normally the braver of the two seals, is afraid of it, and Jetsam to the surprise of the Animal Care Team (ACT) has taking a liking to it. Now they have started on the ‘training feed ball’ they will hopefully move on to the ‘professional feed ball’.

Logs has been weighed again this week, and has put on another 8.5 kilos, and Flipper has put on 4.5 kilos. Flipper had also had a little bit of a squinty eye, so was put on a course of treatment, his eye is now all cleared up and is off treatment.

Rocky has been doing lots of barking this week, he was also treated to ice blocks and Pepper had a feed ball.

Due to Carus’s larger neck size, he has been put on a diet. But so Carus doesn’t know he is on a diet, the ACT are splitting his fish up in to three feeds, and giving him feed balls as a treat. He has also had his pool cleaned.

Mika has been doing lots of barking. Chaff got a little over excited this week when the ACT treated him to an ice block with fish in. Chaff in his enthusiasm to get the fish out nearly chucked it out the pool, luckily it hit the perspex and slid down in to the pool.

PUPS: Bock, Smuggler’s, Pacific and Spingo have had their final bloods taken, and will be release next week. Neither of them will be wearing the yellow hats, this is because they have really identifiable marks. Ginger, Stoggs, Fawn and Bogart are all doing well, and will soon be ready to go.

Bamboo and Thai were treated to lots of milworm’s and crab’s this week. Also much to their excitement the ACT gave them an ice block as well. The ice block was then pushed in to their pool where they tried to balance on top of it, but to much to the disappointment of them.

Ponies: The girls (Tuppence and Muffin) have been very noisy this week, and also been bulling Bracken at teatime, and trying to get his food.

The goats had their nettle’s strimmed this week and can now get to the fence to do lots of scratching.

Reef has been spotted on site, so he is still here. Reef was spotted on Sunday night hiding in the undergrowth watching the ACT prepare his evening meal, when the coast is clear he them comes out to eat it.

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