Weekly News Update 7th March 2008
Resident Seals and Sea Lions

Sheba has started her moult. Magnus is being harassed by the pups now that they are all in the convalescent pool.

Snoopy is doing lots of moaning, making sure everybody comes and see's her in her nice new coat.

Marlin has now moulted the last little bit of brown fur on his back.

All the others continue to moult except Magnus and Ray, hopefully they will start in the next few days.

Flipper and Yulelogs are still continuing to argue.

Luna and Sija have finally got their common pool to themselves now that the pups have gone, Luna is getting a chance to eat some of the fish, and Sija seems to have over indulged in the last few days and is not hungry. Quiet time will not last long as they will be joined on Friday by two more RSPCA pups by the names of Risk (flipper tag number 62015 - orange) was rescued from Port Gaverne on 20th January 2008 and Baggy (flipper tag number 62014 - orange) was rescued from Baggie Point on 21st January 2008.

Chaff is doing really well in training and will let us go in to the enclosure with a bucket and feed him (normally he would take the bucket from us - and give it back once the fish had been eaten and the bucket was full of holes), the only one we have to keep an eye on is Mika. These guys are also doing lots of kissing, so love could be in the air?

Rocky has been given a couple of mats to lay on but chooses to lay between the two of them. Sahara is looking forward to being on television again as the second part of his story will be shown on BBC1 Inside Out on Friday 7th March 2008.

Boadi is lonely and is still missing Carus; we are trying to keep her busy with extra games and treats.
This season's rescued seal pups

All the pups are now in the convalescent pool and putting on weight that we are weighing them all on Sunday (9th March 2008) to see who is ready for release back into the wild and possible do another one next week. Samson had to be put in a nursery pool last weekend as he managed to eat a sea gull but did not suffer from any sickness due to his consumption.

Cubert took a bit of a funny turn at the weekend and had to be put on a drip. He is now back to eating fish three times a day and having additional treatment of fluids to flush the infection out of his body.

We also received a phone call on Tuesday afternoon (4th March 2008) about a pup at Poldhu Cove. Dan and Rachael headed down to the beach and found the pup who on closer examination had a wound to the back just under the tail, and a couple of wounds to his front flippers. After calling Tamara, we all agreed that the pup would need to come back to Gweek. Back at Gweek the pup was weighed and was 21.5 kilos but around 16 weeks old, so it was very malnourished for a pup of its age. The wounds were cleaned and treated and the pup was put on a course of antibiotics, pain relief and multi-vitamins and iron. The pup was named that evening as Kerensa, but the next morning we had to rename it to Piran. (Rachael's mistake)

Thai and Baboo had the toads released from their enclosure by the Animal Care Team last week, but one of the toads is suffering from Stockholm syndrome and went back into the enclosure.
Paddock Animals

The goats have been on lots of walks this week and Elvis will wait by the gate hoping to be let out.

All the ponies have been groomed everyday and are looking very shiny.
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