Update 6th October 2006

Magnus is back in his corner in the convalescence pool – sulking, instead of sulking in the nursery pool. Magnus is still sporting a wound on his nose, and is still being treated with antibiotics.

Lizzie is hungry and enjoying extra fish, and is first in the pool at the end of the day.

Sheba is still in love with Ray, and they are still cuddling on the side of the pool.

Fatima has also been very hungry this week and has enjoyed playing with Maz; Maz has also been using the broom during cleaning to give Fatima a scratch on the back which she enjoyed.

Anneka has been hassling Snoopy this week and been getting a little to close for comfort.

Snoopy has been mean to Magnus this week and also on a roller coaster of emotions, some of the time being happy and sometimes not.

Ray is enjoying his time with Sheba and spends many hours on the side of the pool with his flipper around her.

Marlin has now been kicked out of the corner, and is being very playful with the Animal Care Team (ACT).

Attie has gone after the older man in the pool in the shape of Magnus, luckily Attie came to her senses after a short time and realised he was grumpy old git and does not like him anymore.

Flotsam is still grunting and both he and Jetsam have been weighed this week, both have put on weight since last time.

Flipper is still being naughty and chasing the ACT. Yulelog is still amazing the visitors by rolling off the side of the pool. The ACT thinks this is the calm before the storm.

The vet has been in this week to have a look at Pepper and her arthritis, her condition is doing ok. Rocky has been doing lots of barking and also has a little cut on his nose. Rocky was also given a conger eel which he enjoyed, not sure about the visitors who got wet from it as he trashed it around the pool.

Carus have been given lovely clean water this week, as Clare M attacked it with a toothbrush. Carus has also managed to get into the new area, so a bar will be fitted to hopefully stop him getting into it.

Mika has now re-learnt to lie down on her mat; this is to do with Tamara’s superior training skills (or so Tamara says). Chaff has been a good boy this week and the team can now put their hand on his head, and he has put on weight and looking a little porkie.

Bamboo is now fine after last week's fit, and is now off his medication. Thai and Bamboo have been treated to mackerel tails.

The ponies have had new hay delivered this week, which is nice and sweet, but still enjoying new grass (the little that is still left in their field).

The goats have been grumpy this week as the drizzly rain has come in. Churchill has also been very affectionate towards the ACT and Priscilla is getting her winter coat through and looks like a big ball of fluff.

Reef is gaining his confidence back with the ACT, and will visit them in the morning while they do the paddock animals – he has yet to be flea treated.

Roo in the main hospital - photo was taken on 6th October 2006 by Rachael VineRoo, our first new pup for 2006/07 rescue season, has now been moved into the main hospital and is enjoying his swimming lessons, he is still being force-fed fish and we are leaving fish tails in his pen. Roo has also been wormed.Roo playing in the main hospital pool - photo was taken on 6th October 2006 by Rachael Vine

On Tuesday 3rd of October 2006, the Sanctuary was called by a member of the public to say there was a white coated seal on the beach, and its mum had left it. We advised the people not to touch it and that mum would be back soon, as she had properly gone off to feed. An hour later we received a call to say that someone had approached the seal on the rocks and had stroked it on its head. We called on one of our volunteers at Bude to go and pick up the pup and we would meet them half way. Maz and Rachael arrived at the Victoria Pub in Victoria and waited for the arrival of the pup.

Ronnie in the isolation pen in hospital - photo was taken on 3rd October 2006 by Rachael Vine Ronnie in the isolation pen in hospital - photo was taken on 6th October 2006 by Rachael Vine

When the pup arrived, she was quite sleepy and re-hydration fluids were given in the pub car park. We took her temperature and found it to be a little high, she had a bit of a squint in her eye and had a little bit of umbilical cord still attached. We took little ‘Ronnie’, as she has been named, back to the Sanctuary and put her into isolation 3. A full clinical assessment revealed that she was only 2 or 3 days old, underweight at 11.5kilos and had an ulcerated eye. Ronnie continues to improve on a daily basis.

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