Update 6th July 2007

Magnus has been doing lots of splashing this week, and growling at the pups that have been annoying him. Also has been getting some much needed exercise by swimming from one end of the pool to the other.

Lizzie can be found sleeping on the top step of the pool after feeding time. Sheba and Fatima - both these ladies are having a few problems from the sea gulls, who are now dive bombing the seals in the convalescent pool. The girls are now coming out of the pool with their eyes closed to try and avoid the sea gulls.

Anneka was being a nuisance during pool cleaning. After the Animal Care Team had cleaned and scrubbed the whole of the haul out area, Anneka decided this was a good idea to roll in all the muck that had been swept off the haul out area. After rolling in it, she made her way up the steps of the convalescent pool and rolled around the outside of the pool on the haul out area and made it all dirty again. One Animal Care Team member, who shall remain anonymous, was spitting feathers...

Snoopy is still refusing to move out of nursery 1, and still dislikes all the other seals. Animal Care Team are spoiling her at the moment and letting her feed in the nursery pool by hand.

Ray and Marlin both have been chasing the Animal Care Team during pool cleaning, and Ray is still biting the hose. The hose has now been cut down so much to cut the holes out that it is more of a straw now.

Attie is still spending lots of her time on the raft, but has now decided to take up resident in nursery pool 2 next to Snoopy. At feeding time both Snoopy and Attie can be found resting their heads on the side of the pool waiting for the Animal Care Team to come in and feed them.

Flotsam has been doing lots of growling and chest slapping as it is the common breeding season. Jetsam is being quiet and not doing any barking. Sahara has still got hair but is becoming a little relaxed in the pool.

Yulelog can still be found lying in his ring in the pool in the mornings. Both Yulelog and Flipper are molting and spending lots of time sleeping and scratching on the side.

Rocky is doing lots of barking, but is a little confused when the Animal Care Team do training with Chaff as they are in Rocky's pool, to train Chaff through the Perspex. Rocky then thinks he is getting fed and is a little concerned at the lack of fish that heads his way after the whistle is blown.

Boadi has caught on very well with her training and will now go to high target, low target, and hold; she is a very quick learner. Animal Care Team also tried to do target training with Carus, who just looked at the stick, and turned his head, knowing the Animal Care Team would give in before he did - which they did. Chaff is doing well at target training now we are back to the original training position. Chaff is also getting a little braver with Rocky and will now bark at Rocky instead of running away.

Thai and Bamboo still loving the rain, so much so, they are building a boat. We think this as they have ripped up all the plants in their enclosure, and what ever is left over is being used as bedding.

The goats haven't minded the rain this week as they have been going for lots of long walks in the rain.

Ponies: NUMBER OF DAYS WITHOUT AN ESCAPE 4 DAYS - Yes after stating the running total last week and being pleased that no one had escaped in a month, this total was broken on Monday evening when the ponies broke out, but luckily didn't get that far.

Reef, our cat, has been wormed and flea-ed this week, and as he does not enjoy this has fallen out with the Animal Care Team.


Convalescence Pool
Tiger Lilly and Pluto are very fat and will be weighed over the weekend. Olive, Eve and Boss are still not ready to be returned to the wild and will need feeding up for a bit longer.

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