Update 6th May 2005

After the excitement of last week, Magnus has been enjoying a well-earned post birthday snooze...all week! This has only been disturbed by Marlin who insists on hanging around and waking Magnus up every few minutes.

Ray and Attie still have not moulted but the animal care team are still hopeful that they will grow hair back eventually.

As predicted, Sheba is once again squinting in her right eye for which she is receiving antibiotics and pain relief. The accidental culprits are suspected to be Marlin and Ray who have both been very interested in her all week.

Fatima and Anneka have both been very active and cheeky this week. Fatima has been ambushing the animal care team for their buckets of fish as soon as they enter at feeding times. Similarly, Anneka has had to be watched very closely at pool cleaning as she has been creeping up behind the animal care team and biting the back of their trouser legs!

Snoopy has been her usual vocal self and can be heard from miles around when any of the seals gets within a few feet of her and, yes youíve guessed it, Marlin and Ray are the main perpetrators!

Flotsam and Jetsamís training is progressing particularly well this week. Both seem to be really enjoying their training and have been very enthusiastic all week.

Flipper and Yulelogs have been enjoying some new toys this week. Flipper in particular, has been carrying a hose ring around with him ever since it was put into the enclosure. Yulelogs has been a little off his food this week but the animal care team believe that he has simply reached his full and is just having a breather before starting all over again.

This week the animal care team tried a new game called Ďfish polesí with Rocky and Pepper. This involves tying fish onto nylon cords attached to a broom handle and the animal care team running the fish through the water to emulate moving fish. Usually Pepper will spot a fish a mile off but this time Pepper had no idea how to play and finally Rocky managed to get his own back and bank himself a couple of extra fish without being pursued by Pepper.

Carus and Dipsy are now beginning their breeding season and Dipsy has received a few small love bites from Carus for which she is receiving anti-inflammatories. Carus, on the other hand, thinks he is king of the sanctuary and is guarding and protecting Dipsy from everyone.

This week the otters have been introduced to a new treat Ė large crabs legs! At the moment, although they seem to smell good Thai and Bamboo are not quite sure what it is they are meant to do with them!

Tuppence and Bracken are now moulting out their long winter coats and are getting their shiny new summer coats through. Muffinís coat is not in as good condition as the other two ponies and she is yet to begin moulting. However, she is now receiving extra supplements in her food each day which will help condition her coat and encourage her to moult. Muffin may be having a bad influence on the other ponies. On Thursday morning the animal care team came in to work to find all the ponies had broken out and were found wandering around site. The team are now reinforcing all the fences around the paddocks so they donít get out again.

After last week's escape plan, this week has been relatively quiet in the goat paddock, perhaps secretly planning their next attempt!


Teign, Brant and Lune were released on the 4th of May 2005 (see photos below); all the pups went off very quickly. Thursday morning we had a phone call to say that Teign has turned up in the Hayle Estuary; we are keeping a close eye on her and hope she will go out when the tide comes in. Tees, Clifford and Don have now been hat tagged and bled ready for a release next week.

Now recovered from seal pox, the animal care team are also hoping to release Winter, Dagger and Breezie by the end of the week.

This week, Gannel reached 30kg and has now joined Taw, Dee, Wiske and Lew in the convalescent pool. He has settled in very well and has surprised the animal care team by getting straight in at feeding time and getting more than his fair share!

Bubbles has now been on treatment for his jaw for a week and no more discharge has been seen. He is being monitored closely and it is hoped he will soon be off treatment.

There are now only 14 seal pups left at the sanctuary, many are soon to be approaching release weight and so in the next few weeks the animal care team aim to apply their hat tags and take final bloods in preparation.

Teign about to be releasedBrant just released Lune just released

Photos of Teign (hat tag 41), Brant (hat tag 42) and Lune (hat tag 43) being released back into the wild!

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