Update 6th April 2007

Magnus is doing lots of swimming this week around the pool and having lots of mini adventures.

Fatima is being very naughty this week and trying to mussel in on the feeding of Magnus.

Lizzie is enjoying the large amount of sunshine we are having, and entertaining the visitors by sleeping with her tongue hanging out.

Magnus saying hello to one of the girls!

Sheba is no longer spending anytime with Marlin, but is still being very nosey, and wants to know everything that is going on.

Anneka is doing lots of sunbathing on the side of the pool with Ray.

Snoopy’s mood has improved this week and is no longer moaning at the other residents and pups.

Ray is doing lots of sleeping this week and learning not to bug the Animal Care Team. Ray has stopped grabbing the hose, unfortunately it is full of holes now and he is playing with the shots of water escaping from the hose holes.

Marlin is being very naughty and is also having a mad half hour everyday where he swims up and down the pool.

Attie is spending lots of time sleeping on the steps and will be looking forward to the pups leaving and the Animal Care Team reinstating her raft.

Flotsam and Jetsam had a bit of surprising new addition to their pool this week. Sahara, a hooded seal, has joined them in their pool much to their surprise. Flot and Jet have been keeping well away from the new seal, but they have not lost their appetite, which return at the weekend.

Yulelog has still not finished moulting, but this week, we treated Flipper and Logs to conger eel, which they fought over and a frozen sheet of sprats.

After a few delays, Rocky was finally moved into his new pool this week. They were a few hitches, but Rocky got into the cage and made the short journey to the new pool. Tamara and a bucket of fish were inside to meet him, and Rocky slowly came out the cage and sniff the haul out, Tamara then told him ‘in the pool’. Rocky made his way into the pool, and Tamara though fish to him as she walks along the side of the pool showing him, how much bigger it was. She then got him to jump up on his rock; Rocky recognised the rock and knew he was back in his old pool.

Rocky's new pool
Rocky looking proud in his new pool

There was lots of exploring to do then, and Rocky scared himself a few times when he thought he had reached the edge of the pool, but then realised he had a lot more room to move. After checking out the whole enclosure including the cave Rocky came back out, and swam over to the haul out area and came up to the Animal Care Team as if to thank you, and then swam over to his rock to sit on the side. Rocky seems to be very proud of his new pool and can be found sitting on the side with his nose in the air.

Carus has been keeping a close eye on the new developments in Rocky’s pool, and is loving all the attention from the visitors. He was also treated to conger eel which as predicted was swallowed in one go.

Mika and Chaff have been fed this week by our younger visitors this week. Mika was a little confused at not having to do any training for her fish, and Chaff doesn’t really care who feeds him as long as the fish keps coming.

Thai has got a new pet this week, in the shape of a toad. Thai carefully put the toad in her nest box to keep warm, but the toad kept escaping. So Thai had to keep putting the toad back. Thai and Bamboo both also had a hay party this week, and the Animal Care Team came in one morning to find that the hay had been thrown all over the place.

The goats have taken a dislike to the ponies and Elvis has started to stand on his back legs, and rear up against the ponies. After breaking out either in the mornings or at night, the ponies waited until the Animal Care Team were doing the Convalescence feed at 2pm on Thursday and then decided to break out. What the ponies should have realised was that the Animal Care Team were watching them and the site team were mowing the grass next to the fence they kicked out. So their escape plan was follied, and they were quickly returned to the gat field.

Reef, the cat, has been out and about in the morning, but disappearing as soon as people start arriving on site. He has also been chasing birds this week.


Convalescence Pool
All pups are doing well, and some should be released back to the wild after Easter.

Hospital pen 4: Tiger Lilly is doing well eating for herself, and she has now been wormed and flipper tagged No. 42. We are also filling her pen with water on a daily basis.

New Arrival
Tamara and Maz left the Sanctuary on Sunday and travelled up to Gatwick airport to pick up a new visitor. Sahara is a hooded seal who was found malnourished and dehydrated in Morocco. This seal normally found in the Arctic had wandered off course, and was luckily found by a couple of fisher men, who took him to a rescue centre.

Sahara, Hooded Seal
Sahara, Hooded Seal

After four months of rehabilitation the seal has now been transferred to the Sanctuary for assessment to see if it is possible to release him. This will take a couple of months to assess. The journey to Cornwall was ok and he was kept cold with ice and water. On arriving at the Sanctuary, Sahara was reluctant to get out the cage and so we had to encourage him. After an hour he finally made his way in to the pool, only to be greeted by two other seals, (Flotsam and Jetsam), who looked nothing like him.

Did you know that.....Each pup can cost up to £1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to adopt a pup
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