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Issue 38
6th February 2010
Three New Arrivals
The 43rd pup rescued was from Holywell Bay near Newquay on 31st January 2010. We received a call from a member of the public about a seal on the beach.
Our volunteers were despatched to the beach and found a seal malnourished with a high temperature with puncture wounds. A call back to the Sanctuary´s team with the seals condition and
advised to bring the seal in.
Back in the hospital the pup was given a full clinical assessment; weighed and found to be just 21 kilos. Its puncture wounds were cleaned and treated and a course of antibiotics started to fight any infection. This pup is a little boy and is around
10 weeks old and has been named Neville.
(photo below left)
Number 44 came in on
4th February 2010
from Porthcurno, this little
12 week old pup, was suffering from a high temperature, puncture wounds, ulcer to mouth and a damaged left eye.
In the hospital
‘Mad Eye Moody’,
as he has been named, was started on a course of antibiotics to
fight infection and bring
his temperature down.
(photo below middle)
Number 45 is Weasley also rescued on the 4th February 2010 from Godrevy.
This pup was once again
a victim of fishing net.
The neck had not only started to cut in to his neck but had also got caught in his mouth, and had caused small wounds to the
corner of its mouth.
The netting was removed and luckily had only superficial wounds to its neck which were cleaned and treated. This pup weighs 26 kilos and is around 14-16 weeks old.
Hopefully this pup will not spend long at the Sanctuary.
(photo below right)
Neville, Mad Eye Moody and Weasley
Convalescent Pool
Fatima and Sheba are still the best of friends and spending lots of time together.

Marlin is still in the nursery pool, but his target training is outstanding, but he is refusing to enjoy it.

Ray is growing hair, he now has half his body covered and he is also growing his fur back on his forehead.

Atlanta is quite hungry at the moment and has been a bit tough on the pups this winter, making sure they are prepared for what they may come across in the wild.

Lizzie is being a surrogate Mum to the pups and giving them all surfing lessons. The pup jump on the back of Lizzie and she swims around the pool.

Snoopy is looking very pretty now she has fully moulthed.

Anneka is not very hungry at the moment, but likes to get involved at feeding time, making her way to the front of the queue and has a little production line going. She grabs a fish and then passes it to the back of the queue for whoever is waiting.

All the pups in this pool are coming on, apparently Pomona is the prettiest little seal, and spends a lot of her time standing upright in the water and waddling to and fro.
Luna, Sija, Sahara
Luna, Sija, Sahara are all being very sneaky at the moment and have worked out the pecking order at feeding time.

All three hang out on the back haul out area, while the pups all fight it out for best spot at the front.

When the fish get thrown in it lands behind the pups but in front of Luna, Sija and Sahara so the pups have to turn round and the other three just swim forward and gobble up all the fish.

Sahara is growing up fast and over the last few weeks has been practicing his nose blowing skills, where he inflates his sack on his nose.
Photo above: Sahara
Grey Seals
Flipper is unable to make up his mind either in the cave or out the cave, he keeps changing his mind.

Yulelog has been jumping out the pool every time the fur seals get fed as he thinks it is his turn.
Sea Lions
All the boys have had their food decreased as they were just playing with it and not eating it, but that is normal at this time of the year.

We have also chained André´s pallet to the rock to stop him pushing it into the water.
Andy and Chaff
Andy and Chaff are a little up set at only being fed twice a day instead of the normal four. They do look forward to the weekend where they get an extra feed from any children visiting.

The Animal Care Team have also been confusing our fur seals by giving different colour buckets.
Training is going well but Starsky is causing a few problems by refusing to go in to the holt when asked.

Starsky and Hutch´s enclosure has also had a bit of a revamp, with new over hangs being fitted.
Ponies, Goats and Sheep
The goats have been receiving lots of walks with our volunteers, but have been having lots of carrots and crunchy turnip.

All the ponies and sheep are also doing well and seem to be getting on better together.
All the rescued pups are still available for adoption.

Pup adoptions start from £25,
click on this link for more information
or email the adoption coordinator at:-
Seal Pup
It can cost up to £1000+ to rescue rehabilitate and release a grey seal pup. Help Us to Help Them.
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