Update 6th January 2006

Magnusís eye problems are still persisting, but are getting better slowly, he has also been on and off his food as he is in breeding and moulting mode. The girls know this and have been hanging around his gate. Last week, however, the animal care team came in one morning to find no Magnus in his pool, the gate broken and Magnus happily lying next to the girls

Fatima - While Magnus was in the nursery pool, Fatima spends her time floating upside down under the raft. Now Magnus is back in the convalescent pool, Fatima is back to flirting with him.

Sheba is very hungry at the moment and very loved up with Ray - that was until Magnus broke out and now Sheba is flirting with him.

Anneka is still very hungry, she is also jumping out the pool and continuing to tease the pups.

Lizzie is very hungry at the moment and eating as much as she can.

Atlanta is very hungry and keeps coming out on the side of the pool for more fish, and enjoying playing with the pups. Atlanta is also coming out the pool when you call her name.

Ray has been attentive to Sheba and very good at hugging. Now that Sheba has gone off with Magnus, Ray is back to watching Sheba from the other side of the pool.

Marlin is spending lots of time on the side of the pool, and is responding to his name when called by the Animal Care Team.

Flotsam and Jetsam have both put on weight and are now fat little seals; they have gone off sardines and taken a likening to herring. The Animal Care Team has had no success with the raft and both are still scared of it.

Flipper has had an eye infection, which is being treated with antibiotics and pain relief, he is also still moulting. Yulelog has also quietened down a bit as he starts his moulting.

Rocky is still barking and has gone off his food; he is also jumping out on to the side of the pool. Pepper is still enjoying her new enrichment toys, and has now taken to biting her mackerel in half before she eats it.

Carus has also started husbandry training and is doing very well - as long as there is fish as a reward. Dips has also started husbandry training and is doing well. Her persistent eye infection has come back, and a course of antibiotics should help clear this up.

Bamboo and Thai have managed to get into the outer enclosure when the Animal Care Team come in to feed them (we think this may be part of their escape plan). The Animal Care Team are also having to bribe them with treats and peanuts to get them back in their holt at the end of the day.

Bracken, Tuppance and Muffin are all enjoying the winter grass. Now the Animal Care Team are busy with the pups, its heads down and donít stop eating until all the grass is gone.

Monty, Elvis Priscilla and Churchill are all trying to keep warm during the resent cold snap of weather.


Mite, Pumpkin, Skinner and Thatcher have now been moved into nursery pool 3. These pups are nearly ready for release, all that is needed is to hat tag the pups, and have good weather for release.

Wombat, Skiff, Slip, Scrimpy, Bess, Humbug and Wilson have all recently been moved out the hospital into a nursery pools 1 and 2 to continue their rehabilitation.

Fawn and Vixen are both doing well in nursery pool 4 and should be moving in to the convalescence pool when they reach 30kilos.

Spike continues to do well.

Blonde doing well, but this week has some how managed to graze her belly, it is lot deep but the Animal Care Team will keep a close eye on her.

Guinness also doing well with his rehabilitation.

Tusker, Bob and Quinn are doing well.

Shambles continues to improve, but is still very green from the antibiotic spray.

Stella was rescued from Portgwidden on the 3rd of January 2006. She is around 6 weeks old and weighed 16.5kg. She had an ulcer to her eye and puncture wounds to flippers. Stella is self-feeding and is on a course of antibiotics; once the infection has cleared up we will be able to tell if she has retained her sight.

Speckle is also doing well but is still in isolation.

Spingo was rescued on the 28th of December 2005 from Mousehole. He is around 6 weeks old and weighed 16kilos. He was dehydrated and bad breathing problems. He was given antibiotics for the chest infection, which has now cleared up. He is also being treated for worms.

Bailey was rescued from Portgwidden on the 3rd of January 2006. He was around 6 weeks old and weighed 18kilos. He had an ulcer to his eye and puncture wounds to his flippers. Bailey has been given eye drops and antibiotics. He is being force fed fish with fish tails being left in his pen.

Hobson and Doom are both recovering from their operation, but will need to be put in water before they can be moved down to the nursery pools.

Amber was rescued from St Agnes on the 7th of January 2006. She is around 6 weeks old and weighed 16.5 kilos. She had some minor wounds to body, malnourished and a snotty nose. Amber is in isolation and will stay there at least for the next ten days.

Storm was rescued from Sennen Cove on the 9th of January 2006. He was around 8 weeks old and weighted 17.5 kilos. He has a bad eye and a wheezy chest. Storm will spend at least ten days in isolation, before being moved in to the main hospital.

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