Update 5th November 2004
Snoopy is getting on very well in the convalescent pool and is slowly regaining an appetite.

Sheba has gone off Ray and Marlin and is back to her old self.

Magnus has now got some energy and is spending a lot of time with Fatima.

Anneka is still diving out the pool towards the Animal Care Team during feeding time.

Ray is giving the site team a hard time. They are cleaning the pools as the Animal Care Team are busy with the pups. Ray likes to sit on the hose pipe stopping the flow of water for the cleaning.

Flotsam and Jetsam are very hungry and there training is going well.

Flipper and Logs are still arguing, we are hoping this will stop very soon.

Pepper has a wound on her flipper and is on antibiotics, Rocky is very hungry.

Carus is being really good at the moment and the Animal Care Team have being able to place their hand on his head.

Serendipity's confidence has grown in the last few weeks which has pleased the team.

Bamboo and Thai have been having "a pumpkin of a time", the Animal Care Team have hollowed out pumpkins for them and hiding food in them.

Tuppance and Bracken now have their winter coats, and are enjoying the winter paddock.

Goats haven't been up to much, just drinking, eating, and sleeping.

Pup News
Pup numbers are now up to 14!!

With the escape of Red last week in to nursery pool 2, Roskilly and Itchen have now followed, they spent the first part of the week getting under the gate. To stop the pups getting stuck, we have now opened the gate!. Trent has also come down from the hospital to free up room for the influx after the storms, he is doing ok now but will need to eat a lot more. Blyth and Taff also went to nursery pool 3 on Tuesday. Red is still being noisy and likes to shout in the other pups ears. When Red was first moved down to the nursery pool last week he jumped in the water and had a few problems swimming, he spent a few minutes sinking and coming back up for air, but now he loves the water and likes to see who is watching him from the underwater viewing.

Arrow has also been moved down to nursery pool 1.

Severn is now up to 15kg, all her wounds have healed and water was added to her pen for the first swimming lesson. This pup is truly enjoying the water and will be moved soon to the nursery pool.

Wriggle has now been moved from isolation to the main hospital but is still being force feed fish.

Dee who arrived last Friday has a broken shoulder. The vet was called and he decided that the best treatment was to have an operation and pin the bone back together. This went ahead on Thursday and Dee is doing fine at the moment.

The 31st October brought two more pups in to the Sanctuary;
Keekle was rescued from Rinsey Cove nr Praa Sands, he is 4 weeks old and weights 13.5kg. This pup was very malnourished with wounds to rear flippers, and breathing problems. He is on antibiotics and is being force fed fish. Keekle is a quiet pup but is bright and alert.

Eden came in from Sennen Cove and is 5 weeks old and weights 13kg, this pup has wounds to her flippers and a very snotty nose. Luckily she substained no wounds from the fire crackers that people had been throwing at her. She spent a few day in isolation before being moved to the main hospital. Her wounds are healing nicely and she is a very feisty pup.

Lew was rescued from Porthmeor and is 2 weeks old, weighting in at 22½kg this is a very fat pup. He is being force fed fish, but shows no interest in the fish tails put in his pen.

Esk was rescued from the Lizard at 2½ weeks old and weighing 29kg, this pup has head and fore flippers puncture wounds, she is receiving fish but to teach her to feed for herself, Esk is having less, so when she is hungry she will hopefully try fish on her own.

Jemma Pellow was on Newsround this week and her press packer story is on the Newsround.

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