Update 5th October 2007

Magnus has been moving around the pool a lot this week whilst Snoopy is hot on his heels. He has enjoyed the attention from Snoopy and the sunny weather.

Snoopy has been chasing after Magnus all week now that she has lost her nursery pool to the two new seals. She hasn't moaned as much this week.

Anneka has loved her ice blocks this week, and has enjoyed chasing it around in the water.


Sheba has been very nosey towards the new common seals; trying to look in their enclosure and wondering what the Animal Care Team are up to.

Attie has been very playful with the hose and brush when the pool is being cleaned, and still loves to lay on the raft when the pool has been emptied of water.

Fatima has been very itchy this week as she has started to moult; she is taking refuge in the cave and hiding away from all the other seals.

Lizzie has been sticking her tongue out at everyone and sits on the top step with Sheba at feeding time hoping to be fed first.

Marlin is still trying to be like Magnus, copying his every move at feeding times.

Ray has also been laying on the top step a lot; he has been copying the girls and following them around trying to cause mischief.

Flipper has been naughty this week chasing the Animal Care Team away when they are cleaning his pool. Whilst Yulelogs has been very well behaved and is doing well in his training.


Flotsam and Jetsam, two common seals, have now moved to Blankenberge in Belgium, they have settled in well and are enjoying the attention. Everyone waved them off on Thursday (4th of October 2007) and were sad to see them go.

Luna and Siga, our new common seals; are mother and daughter and currently getting their baring in our nursery pool. Siga had a small knock to the face when travelling to the sanctuary but has responded well to antibiotics, and Luna has been eating well.

Mika has enjoyed all the attention once again in their new interactive training programme. She has loved showing off, and being centre of attention. Chaff has also liked the new training is doing really well. He has been a bit itchy this week due to moulting.

Rocky is also moulting this week, and has been trying to ignore Mika and Chaff popping their heads up when he gets fed during the day.

Chaff tells Mika not to look at Rocky

Boadi has been chasing after sea gulls during feeding times, and is taking her time to eat her fish so that she can make the most of it. The Animal Care Team have been quite strict with Carus due to his pool table manners and obedience. He is finally starting to behave himself a little better and has enjoyed the attention.

Sahara is missing the common seals (Flotsam and Jetsam) a lot since they've gone but the Animal Care Team have been keeping him occupied with lots of different changes ready for his departure on Tuesday (9th of October 2007).

Bamboo and Thai, the two cheeky otters, have loved chasing the net the animal care team use to clean the leaves out of the river. They've had lots of fun trying to catch the net.

All the ponies had a walk this week, but still look like they're trying to get to the other field they are occasionally allowed in. They have all had a good brush down to get rid of the dried mud they have been rolling around in.

Goats - Elvis and Priscilla have both their winter coats and look really fluffy; they've all been treated to brambles this week and have had a walk around site.

Reef, our cat, is still out on the prowl, and is hiding in the paddocks for warmth.

Pups: There are still no rescued seal Pups yet! However, if you wish to see some photos taken recently of seals and their pups in the wild along the north Cornish coast, just click on this link.

Did you know that.....Each pup can cost up to 1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to adopt a pup
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