Update 5th October 2005

The Convalescent pool now looks like a proper seal colony with the four pups Bianca, Briannock, April and Wey joining the residents seals. By the end of the day, all the seals haulout and bask in the afternoon sun. Magnus is usually found snoring peacefully in the corner with his females around him and Snoopy howling away because someone has sat too close to her.

This week Magnus has decided that he has eaten far too much throughout the summer and has put himself on a pre-breeding season diet in order to get himself nice and trim! Although he has not yet shown much interest in his females, the two four year olds, Marlin and Ray, on the other hand, have been very forthcoming this year much to the delight of 30 year old Sheba!

Flotsam and Jetsam both look like they have put on weight over the last few weeks. As their training has been going so well over the summer, this week, the animal care team have decided to give them a well earned break and are having fun darting around the pool catching their fish.

Flipper has now started training to prepare him for his operation later in the month. This involves doing his target training close to the gate on the far side of his enclosure and eventually making his way out of the gate into a safe area where the operation will take place. Yulelogs has been looking on in amazement as Flipper is lead out of their enclosure.

Flipper in training! Photo was taken by Joyce

Rocky and Pepper have been getting on very well over the past few weeks. Pepper has put on weight and looks very healthy although the animal care team are keeping a close eye on her, especially the persistent ulcer under her upper lip. Rocky has been very well behaved and it appears that breeding season is well and truly over and the animal care team think this is why they are getting on so well!

Carus and Dipsy’s breeding season is also coming to an end as Carus is back to obsessing over how big his bucket of fish rather than over Dipsy. Like Pepper, Dipsy looks relieved to be left alone again and all the love bites that she received from the over affectionate Carus are starting to heal.

Down in otter creek things are much the same. Thai is on a mission to rip as many pairs of protective trousers as she can (going through 3 pairs this week) and Bamboo is simply watching from the sidelines and occasionally joining in. They obviously have a lot of time on their hands so the animal care team have tried their best to fill their spare time by giving the otters new mossy logs to strip and crabs to chew on, anything to distract them from the trousers!

Thai hanging onto the trousers! Photo was taken by Barry

The ponies have also been up to no good this week, particularly Bracken who after being put on a diet last week has once again managed to escape from his paddock overnight and was found looking very sheepish and very full in the morning! The maintenance team have had to reinforce the fence twice in two weeks! The goats do not understand what all the fuss is about they have two lovely green paddocks all to themselves!


Mite has now been given the all clear from the vet and has been putting on weight, now weighing 14.5kg. She will soon be having her pool filled with salt water so she can learn to feed in the water.

Tusker was rescued on the 3rd of October 2005 by BDMLR Co-ordinators Dave Jarvis and Tim Bain who were alerted to her by the Wildlife Trust after he had been spotted on Trevaunance Cove, St Agnes. Tusker was squinting in one eye with thick discharge seen coming from the eye. Due to the severity of the injury, Dave and Tim took Tusker straight to the sanctuary’s vet, Paul Riley, who examined the eye and prescribed pain relief, antibiotics and eye drops.

Now back at the sanctuary, Tusker has now been introduced to fish and his wounds are healing. With the typical eye treatment, his eye is starting to open up but the eye does appear to be damaged and the animal care team must be patient to see if Tusker’s eye can be saved.

Tusker - Photo was taken by Margaret Dunn

Ermine, wearing hat tag number 49, who was released back into the wild at Port Issac on 26th of May 2005, was spotted on 1st of October 2005 by Sue Sayer along the coastline of North Cornwall. Ermine looked fit and healthy. To read and see a photo of Ermine click here

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