Sanctuary's Latest News Update 5th September 2008

Fatima is looking very large this week and is always the first to spot the Animal Care Team coming in the gate. Anneka is jumping out at the Animal Care Team when ever they go by with extra fish for April. Lizzie is hogging the top step in the convalescent pool and seems to have arranged her body in the shape of a smile. With the birthing season upon us, Sheba (right) has started to take a little interest in the boys in the pool. Snoopy has been a little bit naughty as Ray was pestering her, Snoopy got annoyed and bit Ray on his chin. Ray now sporting a little cut on his chin from Snoopy was undeterred and kept returning for more.Sheba
Our resident!Marlin is a little wary of the Animal Care Team at the moment. A few weeks ago we put Ray and Marlin in the nursery pool to give Magnus some time on his own, the last time we put the boys in these pools they both had an operation. So we think Marlin thought we were doing the same again, so was a little wary. Attie is loving the toys in the convalescent pool especially the ring, which after the feeding time in the afternoon, she like to sit in it and drift around the pool.
Luna and Sija (right) both have lovely new spotty coats and keep following the Animal Care Team at pool cleaning time. Sija likes to follow the brushes especially.

We had a delivery of conger eels this week which has pleased the residents. Flipper and Yulelogs were like 'Lady and the Tramp' each having an end and eating it towards the middle.
BoadiAfter last week's scuffle with the sleeping arrangements this has all been sorted this week; Rocky and Boadi (left) are sleeping on their own mats. These guys also had a conger eel and Rocky showed no interest and Boadi had a go but didn't like the taste.

Andy's training is coming a long very well and now he will open his mouth on command. Chaff and Andy are doing lots of barking at each other.
Sahara (right) still loving the ice in his enclosure and jumping out on the side which is amusing our visitors on a daily basis.

Bamboo had an epileptic fit again this week, and after a few hours recovery, was back to his normal self, and Thai refused to leave his side while he recovered. The new yellow toy is still a favourite with these guys and they like to play fight over it. The Otters have also done a little redecorating and have moved one of the logs in to the large deep pool.
ReefGoats and Stanley - The goats had a new toy made for them by a hollowed out coconut shell, they don't like it so it is back to the drawing board.

The ponies are disliking their fly collar and keep taking them off, that the Animal Care Team keep finding them left around the paddocks.

Reef (left), our cat, is still roaming around site and enjoying the attention he is receiving from the visitors.
CONGRATULATION! April (right) is now hand feeding from the Animal Care Team and has put on weight. She is now weighing 12.5 kilos. The next thing for her to learn is to hand feed in the water; this is posing a few problems as when the fish comes towards her she backs off in the other direction.

PUP UPDATE FOR 2008/2009 SEASON - We received a phone call about a pup in a harbour along the north coast of Cornwall that seemed to be abandoned; luckily the pup was still with its Mum and feeding well.

Tally so far Pup calls 1 - Pups rescued 0
Photo of April was taken by Véronique Crombé
Did you know...£2 per month will provide 10 days of medication for a hyperthyroid seal
£5 per month will allow us train one additional seal rescue volunteer
£10 per month will pay for one day’s fish for the resident seals

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