Update 5th May 2006

Magnus has been doing lots of sunbathing in the pool, lying upside down with his flippers in the air, blissfully unaware of the commotion going on around him.

Lizzie is also still being fed on the side of the pool, her jaw has now completely healed and she is off antibiotics.

Sheba and Fatima are both still mobbing Magnus and Lizzie for their fish and occasionally Anneka joins in for fun too!

Anneka has been squinting again so has been receiving painkillers in her fish.

Snoopy has been enjoying the afternoon sunshine at the end of the day – it’s the only time she doesn’t moan when the others come too close. The sunshine obviously brings out the best in her.

Attie’s coat on the hand is still all shiny and new looking.

Ray is feeling a lot better now since his moult has finished – he has been harassing the other seals and chasing the animal care team at pool cleaning. However, all this play makes for a very sleepy Ray and first thing in the afternoon the animal care team have been finding it difficult to wake him up.

Marlin is the last seal to moult and still hasn’t got rid of his old brown hair.

The animal care team have attempted to weigh Flotsam and Jetsam this week – as usual Jet behaved perfectly and weighed 57 kilos, Flot on the other hand, was more problematic and would only rest his head on the scales, which the animal care team can report weighs a whole 4 kilos.

Flipper and Yulelog are both have had their food increased this week, although this has not stopped them squabbling over food. Training is going well in the new pool. Flipper has been squinting and receiving pain killers.

Rocky has been feeling quite ‘he man’ at the moment – ever since Chaff arrived he he’s been barking lots by Chaffs enclosure – the animal care team have seen Chaff retreating for cover on several occasions.

Pepper’s training has been changed slightly now that her eyesight is deteriorating – the animal care team is now using more vocal commands, which seems to be helping. The animal care team has also provided Pepper with her own orthopaedic mattress to sleep on to help her arthritic flipper. Although she will currently lie everywhere but her mat.

Carus has had his pool cleaned this week and the animal care team took the opportunity to check him over and spend time with him. He has been eating sprats mixed with his usual mackerel and herring which makes him think he is getting more food = Happy Carus!!

Mika and Chaff’s training is going well. Mika will now come all the way out of her enclosure to her very own training mat (bit like a yoga mat but for seals) whilst she shows the animal care team her teeth, flippers and belly! Chaff’s training is also going well, however, he currently gets ‘on your rock’ and ‘in the pool’ a bit mixed up but he is desperate to please!


Wombat, Shambles, Guvnor and Stella were all released back into the wild earlier today (5th May 2006) at Gwithian. Shambles was first out of the trailer and in the water. Both Stella and Guvnor were happy to leave the trailer and go in. Guvnor on the other hand thought the water was a little on the cold side. Guvnor came down the ramp his flippers touched the water a gave a moan and turned round and headed back up the ramp. At this point both Stella and Wombat both waited for Guvnor to become a little braver and all headed out to sea together. All have been hat tagged Wombat J3, Stella J4, Guvnor J6 and Shambles J7.

Photo of Wombat (wearing hat tag J3) was taken by Rachael VinePhoto of Shambles (wearing hat tag J7) was taken by Rachael Vine
Photo of Guvnor (wearing hat tag J6) was taken by Rachael VinePhoto of Stella (wearing hat tag J4) was taken by Rachael Vine

Pacific has been coughing this week and so received a third wormer.

Doom has had blood samples taken after found with two wobbly lower incisors with some infection present. He has been put on a course of antibiotics and may have to have teeth removed if antibiotics don’t work.

Ginger and Smuggler are sharing a pen with each other. Ginger is happy for Smuggler to eat most of the fish although he is still a lot smaller than she is.

Stoggs stopped eating last week and the vet was called. Blood, urine and faecal samples were taken and he was given precautionary antibiotics and three days of fluids through a tube. He is now feeding again.

Bogart is sharing a pool with Stoggs and is doing well.

Bock started the week with a high temperature, but a change of antibiotics and anti-inflammrative, he has now stabilised. He is feeding well and has put on weight.

All the PUPS in the convalescence pool are continuing to do well.

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