Update 5th April 2006

Earlier today (5th of April 2006), we released eight seals back into the wild. The first four to be released at Church Cove were Carrot, Ouija, Humbug and Scrumpy. All four came out of the trailer and headed straight down the beach and in to the water.

After we released these guys, we headed back to the Sanctuary to pick up four more seals who were also ready for release and due to the nice weather, decided to send them on their way. After loading up Hobson, Tusker, Amber and Josh, we headed down to Gwithian. Unfortunately due to the amount of people on the beach, this release was not as successful as the one at Church Cove. All four seals came out of the trailer saw the large amount of people on the beach and dived back under the land rover. After some coxing they finally came out from under the land rover and headed out to sea.

Hobson is wearing hat tag H5, Tusker is wearing hat tag H4, Amber is wearing hat tag H9 and Josh is wearing hat tag H8.

Photo of Hobson - Copyright of Simon Bone.  www.cornishseals.co.ukPhoto of Tusker - Copyright of Simon Bone.  www.cornishseals.co.uk
Photo of Amber - Copyright of Simon Bone - www.cornishseals.co.ukPhoto of Josh hiding under the NSS's land rover -  Copyright of Dave Jarvis of BDMLR
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