Update 4th November 2005

Magnus who has been suffering with bad eyes over the last few weeks is now a lot better, this has been helped with antibiotics and the salt water, they are now healing.

Sheba: After spending the last 6 weeks being very friendly with Ray and Marlin, it seems that a toy boy is not all they are cracked up to be. Sheba has now decided she needs an older man and is relentlessly pursuing Magnus.

Now that Fatima and Magnus are no longer an item, she is back to being best friends with Atlanta.

Anneka not to be out done by Sheba, has decided to pursue the younger men in the pool, and has set her eye on Ray.

Lizzie is very quiet, and is trying to hold up the respectable side of the convalescents pool. With Sheba in there, she will defiantly have a job on her hands.

Although Ray is the one Anneka wants, poor Ray and Marlin are sulking for the love of their life Sheba. But knowing these two, they will be over it in a few weeks.

As part of Flotsam and Jetsam's enrichment programme, a buoyancy ring was put in their pool, this has been there most of the summer and we thought it had not been used. But we discovered that if Flotsam thinks no-one is watching, he pokes his head up through the middle and put his flippers either side and swims around in it. Rachael (marketing) went down on site on yesterday morning to find him doing exactly this, as soon as he was spotted he dived out, and had a look on his face to suggest that he wasn't playing with that kids toy.

Flipper has got an appointment with the dentist next week. His training over the last few months have been in preparation for this and all is going well. He also has a poorly eye which he is on antibiotics for and is healing well.

Yulelogs is very fat at the moment, but seams to be mellowing in his old age, as he would normally be fighting with Flipper at this time of year. As yet we have had no squabbles and we hope it stays that way.

Rocky is being very vocal at the moment, and being very attentive towards Pepper. Pepper is having problems with her cataracts and now with the winter months and darker days these seem to be effecting her sight.

Carus and Dipsy have had a water change in their pools this week.

Both Bamboo and Thai will be wormed and given their flea treatment this week. They are also having a visit from our Animal Care Team Changing room people, who are making improvements to the enclosure, including the cleaning out of their pond. Thai is going back to basic's with training, as she is still hanging off the Animal Care Team's trousers.

Thai hanging onto the trousers! Photo was taken by Barry

Bracken, Tuppence and Muffin, our ponies, have their winter coats now, and are happy to be back in the big field with lots of grass.

Monty, Churchill, Elvis and Priscilla,our goats, are very unhappy this week, as we have had high winds at the Sanctuary and the goats have spent the week huddled together in their stable.

Mite had her nursery pool opened in to the convalescents pool. She made her way in to the big pool, rounded up all the younger seals like Briannock, April and Atlanta and invited them over to see her pool. With a very proud look on her face, Mite showed the pool off, we think the other seals were very impressed with it as they spent most of the day with Mite.

Briannock and April are looking very round at the moment, and we are waiting for some nice weather to hopefully release them.

After being moved to nursery pool 1 with Skinner, Tusker has managed to get a cough and has been transferred back to the hospital so that the team can make sure he is fed antibiotics in his fish. After the course of treatment (which will last 7 days) he will go back down to the nursery pool to join Skinner.

Skinner is enjoying having more room in the nursery pools, since his move to the outside pools. Skinner doesnít seem to be missing Tusker too much and is quite happy in the pool by himself.

We have changed Guinness's antibiotics as he didnít seem to be responding to the treatment. Now after the change of medication, he seems to be improving.

Thatcher is now out of isolation and in the main hospital. He looks to be having fun in his new quarters, and can be found climbing in and out of his water bucket (the bucket is used to put fish in, so the pup can start to learn that fish come in water). Thatcher is also being kept warm to increase his body temperature.

Spike our latest pup arrived on Sunday (30th of October 2005) from Penberth Cove near Porthcurno. He was a very fat pup at 23.5 kg, but had fishing line around his neck, this was removed and sprayed with an antibiotic. He only spent 3 days in isolation and after getting back his blood test, which was clear, he was moved in to the main hospital.

Spike, photo was taken by Dan Jarvis of BDMLR

Spike has had high temperature for a few days, so the team have decided to change his antibiotics. His temperature is now coming down and he is feeding well. Spike has also been wormed. To read more about the rescue of Spike, Dan Jarvis from the BDMLR has very kindly provided a report on the rescue, click here to read it.

And finally this week, have you yet to find the perfect Christmas Gift? The Seal Sanctuary is offering a great deal on our adoptions. If you buy any of our sponsorships Adult, Child or a Pup, we will give you one free (free sponsorship must be of equal value to adoption purchased). Your free sponsorship is exactly the same as the normal sponsorship, which includes photo certificate, gift and free admission.

To find out more details about our Adoption Special Offer, please contact Margaret (photo right) at the Sanctuary via email seals@sealsanctuary.co.uk or by phone on 01326 221361.

Margaret, our adoption coordinator

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