Update 4th September 2004
Magnus still needs to put on weight, as he lost a lot when the pups were in the pool with him.

Sheba still has a poorly eye and the vet is checking it again this week.

Hattie loves her toys and still spends a lot of her time on the raft Tamara made for her.

Anneka is spending her time sleeping in the nursery pools.

Frodo has been moved back into the nursery pool, and will hopefully be released sometime soon.

Ray has been moved back to the convalesce pool, and went up to all the seals and gave them a kiss on his return. Marlin loves having his play mate back, and wants to play all the time, the only peace Ray can get, is in one of the nursery pools.

The Common seals are enjoying playing together, they are spending time sleeping at the bottom of the pool.

Yulelog is still having extra food, as he needs to put on some more weight.

Rocky and Pepper are still in love, but are both off their food as they are still moulting.

Bamboo and Thai are still really playful.

Tuppance is slowly recovering from her laminitis.

Bracken is being naughty, by biting the Animal Care Team.

Goats are loving the blackberry leaves they are getting as a treat.

Thomas is fine and bathing in the sunshine.

The Animal Care Team were called out on Wednesday to help with the rescue of a common dolphin that got stranded in Hayle harbour, the rescue took about 5 hours but ended with a successful return to the sea.

We have to common seals arriving from Twycross on Tuesday, please read our press release for more details

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