Update 4th August 2006

Magnus is enjoying the weather and is taking advantage of having his own space now that the pups have gone.

Fatima has been sunbathing this week and has amused all of the visitors by her constant snoring.

Lizzie is also chilling in the sun and is loving the attention from all the visitors.

Sheba likes to hide in the caves at the moment whilst the weather is warm.

Anneka is speeding around the pool this week, and sliding up and down the side due to the space she now has (there are no pups left in the convalescence pool).

Snoopy is upset and is sulking because there are no nursery pools open for her to get away from the others.

Atlanta has been following Ray around again and also being very greedy. Along with Marlin, she is always the first out of the pool when the fish van pulls up.

Ray is trying to ignore Attie and make the most of the hot weather!

Marlin is being very greedy this week and keeps jumping out the pool when ever the Animal Care Team (ACT) walk past. He is now learning to stay in the pool when being fed, and should be more patient!

Jetsam is joining in with our pirate days - he is balding over one eye which looks like an eye patch. Flotsam keeps popping of the pool to say hello and expects a fish in return.

Yulelog keeps rolling around in the water trying to stay cool. Flipper is getting podgy from too much sunbathing and not enough exercise.

Pepper is doing a lot of sleeping in the sun and is off her food because she is moulting. Rocky has been making lots of noise this week and is keeping very close to Pepper.

Carus is grumpy this week because his pool was cleaned and the ACT took too long and kept him waiting.

Mika and Chaff are doing well with their training. Chaff has been chasing the ACT around the enclosure when their pool is being cleaned. Mika has been copying Chaff when they are swimming around in the pool.

Bamboo has been enjoying his food especially the worms. Thai helped the ACT put new bark down in the enclosure (she helped rip open the bag and spread the bark around).

All the ponies are getting annoyed with all the flies and the goats!

Goats are getting cheeky and have escaped twice this week, they are also very hungry and keep asking for more food.

Our site cat Reef is becoming more and more friendly and tame. However, he is annoying the ACT with his constant meowing!!!

Our new leaflet for 2006 is now available to download from the visitor's information page.

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