Sanctuary's Latest News Update 4th July 2008

Magnus (right) has been having a lazy week, and could be found at the end of the Convalescent Pool with his head by the filter pipe. This pipe lets in filtered water which then runs across the haul out area and in to the pool. Magnus likes to put his head here and we are surprised he does not end up with water in his ears. He is also eating slower some days and not eating many fish and other days he is very hungry. Fatima has been terrorising all the other girls in the pool and going after all the fish. Magnus
ShebaLizzie has really been enjoying the sunshine, and the other afternoon she was in the sun so long she went really fluffy, she has also been grooming like a cat and licking her flippers and rubbing them over her nose. At feeding time Lizzie gets a little over excited and can't decide if she wants to be in or out the pool. Sheba (left) has been a little bit of a pain this week for the Animal Care Team, she has been sitting by the gate not letting them in and if they do manage to get in, she refuses to let them out again.
Anneka (right) is still receiving treatment for her squint in her eye, but also very active at feeding time even jumping high above all the other seals' heads to catch the fish. Snoopy has been rather quiet this week with not much moaning going on. At feeding time she is still a little fussy with the fish the Animal Care Team throws to her. Choosing which fish to eat and refusing to let anybody else have the fish she does not want. Anneka
Ray Ray (left) has a little bit of a snotty nose and he likes to share this with our Animal Care Team by sneezing the snot over them or doing it during the talks. He has also been taking a liking to annoying all the seals in the evening. While all the others are a sleep on the side of the pool minding their own business, Ray likes to swim past them all getting to close for their liking and sets them all off moaning.
Marlin has been quiet as well this week, and has been spending lots of time swimming up and down the pool keeping his belly warm, but perhaps he is in training for the Olympics this summer. Attie (right) has also been enjoying the filter pipe and can be found sharing it with Magnus at the end of the day. Attie
SijaSija (left) has lots of energy this week and has been flying out the pool at feeding time trying to catch the fish the Animal Care Team throws high. Sija has also taken a leaf out of Magnus's book, and if not fed fast enough, she start to splash her flippers in the water, getting the team more wet then Magnus manages. Luna is spending lots of time on the side of the pool and is even is a little off her food, could this be a sign that the pup is on its way? this space...
After weeks and weeks of cage training, the time had arrived on Wednesday when the training would pay off. Flipper (right) and Yulelogs were being moved out of their pool and taking a short journey of about 800 yards to the Californian Pool. As usual these two knew something was up. Flipper always the first to go, refused to get in the cage at feeding time, luckily an hour later Flipper was still hungry and went in the cage to get his fish. We then made a quick dash to the Californian Pool. We even managed to weigh Flipper before we let him in to the pool and he weighed in at 209 kilos, the cage was opened and he had a quick look around before going in to the water, happy to be back in a larger pool. Flipper
Yulelogs Yulelogs (left) took a little longer, as his cage training had been a little hit and miss over the last few weeks. In the end we drained the pool down and decided to herd him in to a cage, Yulelogs was a very good boy and headed for the cage and went in with a little encouragement, the problem then was to get him out the pool, but our Animal Care Team, as always, were complete stars and lifted him out and transferred him to meet his mate Flipper. Yulelogs was also weighed and a little lighter at 202 kilos. Yulelogs was happy to be back in a bigger pool and has even done his spinning and turning in the water. Both are unsure about the waterfall, but this will take time to get used to the same as it did for Rocky. Feeding time on Thursday Yulelogs was distracted by Chaff next door, but Flipper was a good boy and carried on with no interruptions.
Rocky…and Boadi (right) : As part of our continuing moves at the Sanctuary, Rocky is now sharing Boadi's pool. This was our biggest move as we had no idea if these two would get on. Tuesday evening Rocky was put in the cage and transported up to the annexed area of Boadi's pool. This was gated off so Boadi and Rocky could meet and see if they liked each other, luckily there was lots of kissing and barking and showed all the signs of a good friendship. Boadi - Big Yawn
RockyThe next morning very early we let Rocky (left) in with Boadi, there was more kissing and both were happy to have some company at long last. Rocky is still getting used to his new pool, being a blind sea lion, he is still discovering the depth and size of the pool, but spends lots of time by the windows. Boadi has been especially accommodating to her new pool partner that she has even changed her swim pattern so she does not bump in to Rocky.
Chaff (right) was a little concerned with the changes going on next door in the pool, what with Rocky going and two large animals turning up next door. Chaff seems unconcerned but he finds it a little odd that they can't stand on their front flippers. Chaff's cage training is going well as well.

Sahara is still sporting his lovely silvery fur and is even diving out of the pool at feeding time and then going back in to the water.
Stanley Bamboo has been a little bit of a rascal and being sneaky. When Thai's back is turned Bamboo goes around the enclosure finding all the food the Animal Care Team have hidden and takes it back to his own little hidey hole, stores it there then covers it with a rock so Thai can't find it. In the afternoon when he is feeling peck-ish and Thai is not watching, he will go and eat some food from his secret stash, just wait till she finds out there is going to be trouble.

All the goats and Stanley (left) have been for a walk this week down to see Boadi and Rocky. Stanley was not too keen on his walk and was doing little bucks all the way down the paddocks.
Ponies - Bracken having not been able to escape for a few weeks has got to find another trick to keep the Animal Care Team on their toes. The latest is after feeding time; he picks up his bucket and tries to run off down the field with it. Tuppence (right) has developed a bit of an attitude and Muffin has taken to walking off while she is being groomed.

Reef, our cat, is doing lots of exploring around site, and lots of hunting in the hedges.
Cubert in the convalescence pool Nursery 2: April and Simbad are doing ok. April has been spotted going in to the pool at feeding time and taking an interest in the fish on the bottom of the pool, but we are still having to force feed her.

Convalescent Pool: Tegan, Risk, Fabula and Cubert (left) are all starting to put on weight now the bigger seal pups have gone, and should be ready to hopefully to go in a few weeks time back into the wild.
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