Update 4th May 2007

Magnus has been very active this week and lots of routine splashing at the Animal Care Team when they don't feed him fast enough, he is still sleeping at the bottom end of the pool.

Lizzie is still very cute at the moment and is being very protective over the pups.

Fatima has been a little bit quiet this week, and is also not eating a lot.

Anneka can be found in the pool in the middle of the pups during feeding time, making sure everybody gets their fair share of fish!

Sheba likes to spend her time sitting up nice and straight while the pool is being cleaned.

Snoopy is back to being her usual moaning self this week. She is also being teased a lot by Sheba.

Ray is still being a pain in the flipper during cleaning time, and today the Animal Care Team were giving him a bit of fun by hosing him down, which Ray really enjoyed.

Marlin is doing lots of swimming round the pool, and earlier this week scared out of his little skin when Tiger Lilly came up behind him and barked, she has been doing this all week to everyone.

Attie has been taking a leaf out of Ray's book and been wrapping herself up in the hose during cleaning time.

Both Flotsam and Jetsam are being very active at the moment and enjoying the competition. Flotsam has been trying to encourage more fish his way by bopping along on the side of the pool, half in and half out the water. Sahara is feeding a little bit better, and is a little bit quicker at catching his fish. We have also confirmed that Sahara is growing back hair.

Olive is now in with the Common seals, we are unsure what was wrong with her, results all clear and she is putting the weight back on. It may have been because her was having an early moult.

Flipper and Yulelog are being well behaved, and Yulelog is still scaring the sea gulls. Flipper still has a cloudy eye, but is in no discomfort.

Rocky is feeding ok, and doing well apart from being back in the nursery pools. He is doing lots of splashing when the pool is being filled, and soaking the Animal Care Team.

Boadicea is settling in very well at the sanctuary, and has not lost her appetite. Boadie has started training and already knows that a bang on the bottom of the buckets means there is no more fish, and she is also hand feeding and will even take a couple of steps before going back into the pool. Carus is hungry and getting on well with Boadie.

Mika's training is going well, and her wounds are clearing up nicely. Chaff is doing well and up for some more training.

Thai and Bamboo both had a little squabble on Wednesday, but it was all over in a few minutes. They were also treated to new sawdust in their holt.

Goats - Elvis is doing much better and they are all being noisy, so they were taken out for a walk. The boy goats have also been teasing Cilla the little girl goat.

The ponies have not broken out this week, but Tuppance tried to get through the stable wall, with out much success.

Reef, the cat, has a nice a little bed in the ponies stable which is lovely and comfortable. Reef snuck in to fish prep and was quickly kicked out. He has also been a doing lot of hunting in the hedges.

Coral is now receiving her fish in the water, which she looks forward to at meal time, and we should be filling her pen with water by the end of the week.

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