Sanctuary's Latest News Update 4th April 2008
Magnus has ventured out of the corner of his pool, and with this new found extra energy, Magnus has been splashing at feeding time for his fish. Fatima's time with Magnus has come to an end for another year and she is now back to hanging out with Sheba, and who have joined forces together and are stealing fish from everyone.

Anneka has been doing lots of sunbathing this week, as have all of our other residents and pups, and Anneka is also moulting, and coming through is her lovely new coat. Lizzie is happy and being extremely rude when our visitors are in the new 'SRC' (Seal Rescue Centre) as she likes to swim by the window and stick her tongue out at everybody.
Snoopy (right) was the first to finish her moult, and is back to being hungry, which is more that can be said for the others. Unfortunately 10 minutes before feeding time Snoopy can be found making a bee line for the gate, next to Magnus to be fed, this is making it impossible for the Animal Care Team to get in to the enclosure to do a talk. Any attempt to get in sends Snoopy into floods of whaling and moaning...

Marlin…who has already moulted and has a lovely new blue coat come through, he is a little restless and has taken to scaring the pups, by swimming up to them very fast.
Ray is soaking up the 'rays' of sunshine, by sleeping on his back on the side of the pool. Due to moulting, Ray has gone off his fish, which makes it a little difficult to administer his thyroid treatment, so his moult is looking a little patchy...

Attie is getting in to the sunshine she has now moulted and has a lovely white spotty coat come through, and is helping the Animal Care Team with their Spring Cleaning. Hopefully when all the pups are released, Attie will be allowed her raft, which she is missing terribly.

Luna and Sija seem to be very pleased to have the pool back to them and both seem to celebrate this in different ways. Luna is taking it all in her stride and spending lots of time on the side of the pool watching everyone. Sija is doing lots of laps in the pool, and taking get pleasure at seeing the waves spill over the side. Both seals seem to look a little bigger than normal, is there a possibility that there could be the pitter patter of tiny flippers……
Rocky Flipper is another one who is enjoying the sunshine and moulting, training is going well, but there does seem to be a little bit of arguing at feeding time, between the two. Yulelogs is being a good boy at feeding time with his training, but has not yet moulted.

Rocky (left) is spending lots of time on the side and is a little under the weather and is not his usual self. He has been given a course of antibiotics and this should hopefully do the trick. While Rocky is out on the side, we have been able to do lots of training with Sahara and he is doing well. He has also been treated to a ring and ice blocks, which he enjoys very much.
Boadi is still feeling a little lonely, and will come up to speak to our visitors. With the arrival of the sunshine Boadi seems to be a little more forth coming with her training and has even made it to the top of the rock and will sit there, will still have not managed to get her to jump in to the water.

Bamboo had a small epileptic fit last week, but is now all recovered and back to himself. He has gone off his food a bit and only wants to eat the fish, which means more chicks and beef for Thai. Both have been given a new treat of cherry tomatoes, which sent Thai in to over excitement and she tried carrying all the tomatoes at once back to the holt.

Goats - Churchill has been feeling a little under the weather but seems to be back to his normal self now and enjoying the early morning walk to the otters. The abundance of brambles that seem to be growing at the moment has meant lots of treats for our goats.

Ponies - Walks have been high on the list of things the ponies are doing, but prefer to do it themselves at their own pace, which is why when the Animal Care Team came in the other morning the ponies had already made a start to their walk, and had knocked the fence down. The site team have now repaired it and it should hold, but I am sure Bracken will go round and make sure.

Reef (our cat) - Due to the increase of visitors on site over Easter, Reef is keeping a low profile during the day, but will come out in the evening mostly to chase the rabbits around the paddocks.
This season's rescued seal pups

Cubert is still in the hospital and has a least another week of antibiotics left to take, but this seems to be slowly doing the job and clearing up the infection. After being in a dry pen for weeks, Cubert was given water and was very excited.

Baggy (right) and Risk were in the common pool and have now gone in to the convalescent pool, both are doing well and eating lots.
Piran Piran (left) who was moved out the hospital a few weeks ago is doing well and putting on weight. Sebastian is still suffering from a re-occurring ear infection, which has delayed his release. Gwithyen who did have an ear infection has now recovered and was released back into the wild on Thursday 4th April 2008.
Gryffin, Alan, Wella and Swoop were moved into the nursery pool 1 earlier this week as they had reached their target weight and now released back into the wild along with Gwithyen on the 4th April 2008. After these four were released, this gives the other pups a chance to catch more fish and put on lots of weight.
Seal Release

On Thursday afternoon (3rd April 2008) at 4pm Gwithyen, Gryffin, Alan, Wella and Swoop were all loaded into the back of the trailer and we headed out to Church Cove. On the beach we were met by some of the visitors who were at the Sanctuary earlier in the day and had come to join us. This was a very quick release and all made their way quickly to the water. We now have 16 seals left at the sanctuary, and now the others will start to put on weight and should have a few more ready to go in a few weeks.
Seals being released back into the wild
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