Update 4th February 2005

Sorry that this is such a short update but the animal care team are very busy with the pups and also some of staff are off sick this week. All the resident seals, otters, Thomas (our cat), goats and ponies are well and enjoying themselves.


Cale, Frome, Taff and Wriggle have all been hat tagged, only Cale has reached his release weight.

Esk, Red and Eden have all been hat tagged as well, these guys also have not reached release weight.

Trent, Severn and Keekle were all released on Monday (31st January) at Gunwalloe. Keekle overtook Severn to get to the water but Trent was a little more reluctant to make the final steps to the wild after trying to climb back into the trailer! Trent is wearing hat tag number 24 and Keeble's number is 26.

Arrow and Alpha were released today (Friday) at Port Gaverne near Port Issac. Port Issac Primary School attended this release as guests of the sanctuary. Arrow was the first to go with Alpha following on behind, these guys stayed in the shallows for a bit and then disappeared. Arrow is wearing hat tag number 19 and Alpha's number is 17.

Here are a couple of photos of Arrow and Alpha being released for you to enjoy!
Arrow being releasedAlpha being released

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