Update - 4th January 2005



Magnus has an ulcer on his eye which he is being treated with antibiotics.


Sheba - Having her winter moult, and is still in love with Marlin.


Fatima is also having her moult and is now back to feeding, over the last few weeks Fatima has been off her fish.


Lizzie is enjoying having the pups in the pool and is also back to feeding well.


Attie is also enjoying spending time with the pups, and has made a great friend with Arrow.


Ray has become more vocal this week, we think he is trying to compete with Red.


Snoopy has a bit of a cough.


Flotsam and Jetsam are the best common seals ever (says the Animal Care Team) they have got great coats and are very friendly and play a lot.


Rocky and Pepper have had their pool pressure washed this week, and Pepper is feeding again. Rocky's training is going well and now knows up and down, he can do this without the training stick, but you still have to keep a close eye on him.


Carus and Dips are in good condition and Dips is getting more exercise by walking around in the enclosure.


Bamboo and Thai - We think they may be planning their escape from their enclosure.

These two have been seen digging under the door and biting around the locks,

we are keeping a close eye on them.


Ponies - Bracken and Tuppence have now been at the Sanctuary for 12 years,

and this week they will move into the big paddock.


Goats - Now have their winter bedding, they are not enjoying the rain at the moment.


Thomas, the cat, is still doing well, and has put on weight over Christmas.

The Animal Care Team are convinced that he now understands the word 'turkey'

and has been visiting the houses in the village over Christmas.





All the pups are doing well in the convalescence and nursery pools.


Roskilly, Blyth and Itchen have all been hat tagged ready for their release

hopefully next week.


Breezie and Bubbles, the two Irish seal pups,  have now been moved to

the round pool for rehab.


Over the Christmas and New Year period, we had four seal pups brought into the Sanctuary.


The first was brought in on Christmas Day from Portreath called 'Kenn'.

He weighed 18kg and is about 10 weeks old. He has an ulcer on his eye. Kenn is self feeding and is due to be wormed and flipper tagged.


Claw arrived on Boxing day from St Agnes, he weighed 20.5kg and is around 10 weeks old. He has a slit in his rear flipper.


Clyde was rescued on the 30th December 2004 from St Ives and is around 4-5 weeks old. Weighing 20.5kg, he has puncture wounds to his shoulder and being forcefed his fish.


Teign was rescued on the 3rd January and is our first pup of 2005.

Found at Porthcurno, aged about 10 weeks and weighing 15.5kg. She has a swollen jaw on the left side and a swollen right flipper, also has high temperature. She is being forcefed fish and is on antibiotics and pain killers.


Dee now has water in his pen and is learning to swim.

He goes for an x-ray next week to see how it is healing.


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