Update 3rd December 2004



Magnus’ eyes are looking good this week and the treatment seems to have done the trick. 

His priorities have now changed to the breeding season and he has plenty of females to choose from!  Armed with the contraceptive pill, the Animal Care Team are watching his movements very closely.


Fatima is still not feeding at the moment, she is still far too busy flirting with Magnus.


Sheba is feeding well but has been squinting on and off in her right eye, the most likely culprit being Marlin who has once again fallen very much in love with her and will not leave her side.


Anneka seems to have found a partner in crime in Ray.  Both have been seen jumping out at unsuspecting pups sleeping on the side of the pool and giving them a fright.


Lizzie is loving the new additions in the pool and the pups seem to enjoy her gentle nature.   


Snoopy is gaining in confidence every week and now feeds comfortably in the pool. 

She has also become a firm friend of Magnus and often sleeps next to him at the end of the day.


Attie has now abandoned her raft as all the new pups in the pool have taken control.  She is very gentle with the pups and is often seen nose to nose with them, introducing herself.


Flotsam and Jetsam have this week had their food increased a little with the cold weather,

their appetites have rocketed.


Logs’ training is progressing well, the next step is for Logs to learn to open his mouth on command! 


Flipper, on the other hand, has not been progressing at all, as he has got so used to getting his fish in the pool that he now refuses to come out to do training – the Animal Care Team are going to get tough!


Pepper is the officially the pickiest sealion at the sanctuary.  She has now decided that she will only eat herring, spitting out with disgust any mackerel she finds in her bucket!


Rocky’s training has been going well this week and so the Animal Care Team have introduced a new training procedure.  Rocky is now learning to station in the ‘lie down’ position whilst his flippers are gently touched.  Hopefully this will get him used to the Animal Care Team checking his flippers for any scratches or injuries and be able to clean them up.  Rocky is proving to be a very willing student and always keen to impress.


After Carus’ re-training last week, he is now behaving himself and eating only his own fish!  However, Dipsy is making it difficult for him by dropping fish right in front of him whenever he approaches.


Thai and Bamboo have had two new coconut toys made for them by a BSc student at Tremough College in Cornwall.  The coconuts have holes in them to allow crickets and giant mealworms to fall out.  As usual, Thai was first to ‘attack’ the new toys and Bamboo took a little longer to build up the courage to see what beasties were inside.


This week Bracken and Tuppence received a visit from Dan the farrier to trim their hooves.  Both are now sporting newly trimmed and polished hooves, all ready for chasing seagulls up and down their well-trodden paddock.


After a busy start to the pup season the goats have missed out on a few walks, but this week, reluctantly their exercise routine has re-started!


Roskilly and Itchen are now officially the largest and greediest pups in the convalescent pool, both weighing well in excess of 30kg!


Arrow and Trent have now reached the target weight of 30kg and have been moved to the convalescent pool.




There’s no pleasing some, Red is now in the convalescent pool too but is still the noisiest pup at the sanctuary!


Taff and Blyth are progressing well and have adapted to life in the convalescent pool. 

Both are feeding and putting on the weight.


Severn and Wriggle can often be found together in a nursery pool.  Both seals have had their weekly weighing and are almost ready to move on to the convalescent pool.


It will be a while before Dee’s flipper heals fully and he can go in water, so in the meantime, the Animal Care Team have introduced a bucket of water to his pen.  This allows Dee’s fish to be dropped in the water so he can learn to associate fish with water.  He seems to have learnt very quickly as when he hears the Animal Care Team approaching with his fish, he waits patiently by his bucket for his fish to be dropped in.


Lew, Esk and Camel have been given the ‘all clear’ from the vet and have been moved to the nursery pools.  At the moment all three seals are far too busy exploring their new pools to be bothered about fish!


Ribble’s wounds are finally starting to heal.  She must be feeling better as she has become the wriggliest seal in the hospital and the hardest to keep still to clean her wounds.


Frome has now been moved into the hospital and has piled on an amazing 5kg in one week!  His wounds are healing well and it will not be long before he will be going down to the pools.


Dart’s flipper wound is healing with the daily cleaning and antibiotic treatment.  He has now been moved from the isolation unit to the hospital and is beginning to put on weight.


Cale was rescued from Chapel Porth on 28 November 2004 after he was spotted sleeping in the middle of the beach.  Although he seemed in fairly good condition, he appeared lethargic and had various superficial wounds to his body and flippers.  Once back at the sanctuary, the reason for his lethargy became apparent when he started to pass black feathers.  This continued for 3 days and had obviously made him very uncomfortable.  He is now being treated with a precautionary course of antibiotics and pain relief and stomach settlers for the problem bird!


Hope was rescued on 1 December 2004 from Sandy Cove at Newlyn.  She was malnourished but her right eye was red in colour and very badly damaged.  She was rushed straight to the veterinary surgery where the vet prescribed oral antibiotics, pain relief and antibiotic eye drops.  This has allowed the eye to open up fully to reveal a section of hair growing into the eye.  Although vision in her right eye has already been lost, the vet has been consulted and Hope may require an operation to remove the hair from the eye to stop any further irritation.


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