Update 3rd November 2006

Magnus is still a little under the weather and receiving treatment, but seems to be taking more of an interest in Fatima week. Could love be in the air for these two?

Fatima is still very hungry and taking a lot more interest in Magnus. Think she is building up her strength ready for when Magnus is back to his old self.

Lizzie has now finished her course of medication for her squint and her eye is much better.

Anneka has been up to no good, and has got the silly's – it means she is up to or planning something.

Sheba is still the hussy of the Convalescence pool. This week she has been sharing her affections between both Ray and Marlin, much to the joy of Marlin.

Snoopy was unhappy at the beginning of the week as we still had nursery pool 1 shut off, as we had pups in there. Middle of the week we opened nursery 1 as Mutley, Simba and Koko were ready to go in to the Convalescence pool. As the Animal Care Team (ACT) moved the gate, Snoopy got all excited at having her pool back – but this was short lived as she was confronted by three pups sitting in the pool looking scared. This displeased Snoopy that she made her way back to the side of the pool to start moaning at the injustice that had occurred.

Ray is still sharing a lot of his time with Sheba – but was a little unhappy when Sheba went off with Marlin. Ray was also a little fretful at feeding time, when Sheba decided she wanted fish, and went off to see the ACT. Ray was not looking where she was going and turned around to find Sheba not at his side. He went charging up and down the pool like a torpedo looking for her, but eventually found her so all turned out well.

Marlin is being very sneaky and when Ray’s back is turned, he is slipping in with his chance with Sheba. Marlin also was the first to introduce himself to the new pups, and touched noses with them all to say ‘hello’ – pups still looking scared.

Atlanta made a bee line straight for the nursery pool as soon as it was open and is now happy to be back in there. Hopefully she will take the new pups under her flipper, as she has done in previous years and show them all what is what.

Flotsam is still doing lots of barking, and both Jetsam and Little Ed have been put on diets. This has confused Little Ed as he is not quiet sure where all the extra fish has gone.

Flipper is still being a ‘pain in the flipper’ during pool cleaning, and showing ACT his teeth. Yulelog is being a good boy, and both were treated to a feed ball this week.

Pepper has a bad eye at the moment and receiving medication for it. She is still not happy with the mackerel and will only eat sprats and squid. Rocky is not barking as much but is a little confused this week, due to Pepper being fed in the cave, that when the ACT call her it echos and Rocky thinks the ACT are calling him over – this could be a crafty way to get extra fish.

Carus has had some company from the ACT this week, as Carus is moulting quite heavily, it was time to drain and clean the pool. He is a little bit hungry this week (when is Carus not hungry) and has been treated to some conger eel.

With Chaff still being a good boy during training as they are still being fed together. Mika is unhappy with what seems to her the extra fish that Chaff receives at these times and will do all her tasks one after another in the hope that ACT will reward her.

On Tuesday Thai and Bamboo celebrated their 5th birthday, and both were given a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ at their afternoon feed by the visitors. They were also treated to some birthday peanuts.

All the goats are enjoying the late autumn sunshine.

All the ponies have had a visit by the vet this week and had their winter jabs.

Reef, our cat, has been doing lots of exploring this week, but has yet to be caught and given his flea treatment.


Roo is doing well and has kept himself busy this week by collecting all the fish heads off the bottom of the nursery pool, and stacking them in the corner on the haul out area, too munch on in the afternoon.

Ronnie is still in the hospital, learning to feed herself, she is really enjoying the water in her pen, and spends all day swimming.

With Magnet doing really well in the hospital, and clear blood results, Magnet was moved to Nursery pool 2 to join Roo and Pebbles.

Pebbles is slowly getting used to being outside, and is feeding well, she thinks that Roo is a little odd for collecting fish heads.

Koko has had a very busy week, first being moved into nursery pool 1 with Simba and Mutley, not that she went in the water much, and then the shock of the ACT opening the gate to the Convalescence pool. Here all three of them stayed as if the gate had not opened.

Mutley is doing good, just needs to pluck up the courage to go into the Convalescence pool.

Narla has now been moved out of the temporary pen and is in hospital pen 4. She is still a little nervous of new things, but hope in time she will gain more confidence.

Simba, along with Mutley and Koko, spent two days in the nursery pool even though it was open, and would only come out during the feeds, take the fish and head back to the nursery pool. To stop this happening and for the pups to start their last stage of rehabilitation, the ACT have now closed off nursery pool so they have no choice but to be in the Convalescence pool.

Gnasher is still in the hospital, but continues to improve, he should be ready to be moved out in to the nursery pools next week, and we are waiting on clear blood results.

Daisy is still in isolation 3, and her wounds are healing slowly. When they have healed we can move her through to the main hospital.

We have some sad news, Squirt passed away in the early hours of Monday morning. Her body was taken for a post mortem; this will tell us what she died of. Squirt was in poor body condition when she came in and the ACT did everything that was possible for this very sick seal.

Penfold is now in the main hospital, and is feeding for himself. He will be going into the water very soon for swimming lessons and once he is confident, he will be moved to the nursery pools.

Spongebob, Pup No. Thirteen, is in isolation 2 still and will be until early next week. When we have a pen free in the main hospital, he will be moved through for the next stage of rehabilitation.

Did you know that.....All our pups are up for adoption. Please check out our adoption page for more information.

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