Sanctuary's Latest News Update 3rd October 2008

Fatima is like her name and at the moment is very fat; in fact, she is huge, so much so that a visitor did ask if she was pregnant? Don't worry she is not just very hungry and very greedy. Lizzie (right) is being very rude and spending lots of her time swimming around after Atlanta, following her in and out of nursery pool 2, when she is not doing this she is poking her tongue out at all the visitors. Sheba is giving the boys Ray and Marlin lots of attention, who will win in this year's love triangle? Lizzie eating a fish!
AnnekaAnneka (left) is scooting around everywhere and even tried to dive in to nursery pool 3, and then headed to nursery pool 4 but something terrified her and she came flopping back in to the convalescent pool. A few minutes later we found out what had scared her so much….it was April. Snoopy was treated to her own bucket of fish as the volunteers forgot to chuck her a few fish at feeding time. Snoopy has also done less moaning this week.
Ray (right) has been doing his comedy routine and doing his impression of a rocking horse across the haul out area in to nursery pool 2 which made all our visitors laugh at the afternoon feed and talk. Marlin in love…ok that is a little strong. Marlin has just taken a shine to Sheba. Attie has been spending time with Sheba in nursery pool 3 just chillin out. Ray
LunaSija has been playing in the life ring this week, poking her head up through the middle to find out what's going on. Sija also found a feather and spent a whole day taking it down to the bottom of the pool and letting it go and float to the top before dragging it under water again. Luna (left) and Sija are hungry but refusing to do any work for their fish.
Flipper has been hanging out in the caves this week but also being a nuisance during pool cleaning. Yulelogs quiet this week with lots of swimming and watching what is going on.

Rocky is doing some barking and is still in love with Boadi. Boadi is enjoying Rocky's company and both can be found curled up together in the middle of the haul out area.
Dan cleaning Flipper and Yulelogs' pool
SaharaChaff's training is going well and Andy is also doing good, both were treated to conger eel which was enjoyed if not with a little bit of a discussion.

Sahara (left) is a good boy and doing well with his training. Visitors to the web site and the sanctuary will remember that it was this time last year the Animal Care Team made the 19 hour trip to Scotland to release Sahara off the Orkney Isles. No holiday for Sahara this year.
Due to the rather inclement weather at the sanctuary, Thai and Bamboo, our otters, have spent most of their time in the holt out of the rain. At bed time both have to be pushed out the door so the team can get their bed ready and then the squealing starts to be let back in. Thai and Bamboo asleep in their holt
ElvisChurchill is under the weather as he has a little lump on the side of his face, but he is receiving medical treatment for it. Stanley is still refusing to walk. Photo left is of Elvis.

The ponies are very happy as they are back in the big field, with lots of grass to eat.

Reef, our cat, is spending lots of time hanging around the visitors looking for any extra food.
April (right), a rescued seal pup for 2007/8 season, is not still not competing for the fish in the convalescent pool, but she is starting to mush it up. Hopefully when the pups in the hospital move outside, she will learn how to feed from them.

Skittles, this season's rescued seal pup, is doing well and is now being force fed fish as well as whole fish being left in her pen. She has finished moulting and has her grey coat come through, and is now learning to swim; Skittles loves the water.
FairyThis season's rescued seal pup Fairy's eye is not improving and so on Monday she will be going in to the vets to have an operation to remove it. She has no vision in that eye anyway and the infection is showing no signs of clearing up even with the course of eye drops. We still have great expectation that she will go through the rehabilitation process as normal and will eventually be released back into the wild.

Fairy appeared in the Metro newspaper this week, click here to read the story.

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