Update 3rd August 2007

Now there are no pups in the pool, Magnus can sleep all day long. Lizzie has been hampering the pool cleaning, by sitting on the drain; she also likes to stick her tongue out at the Animal Care Team.

Fatima has been stealing fish from Ray and Marlin, by dive bombing at them.

Anneka has been doing lots of sliding up and down during the pool cleaning, and generally getting in the way.

Sheba when she is not doing her singing (moaning); she has been very quiet and keeping herself to herself.

Snoopy is back to eating very well for herself, but still missing her nursery pool.

Now the pool is pup free; Ray has started some target training with mixed results. Although he can target the stick, he does try to eat it!!

Marlin has also started doing target training, and enjoys having his belly rubbed.

With the pups now gone; Attie has been given some extra toys to keep her occupied. This morning it was a Frisbee which she was really enjoyed playing with until Anneka stole it.

Flotsam is still doing lots of growling and has nearly finished moulting. Jetsam has just started moulting, and has lost his appetite. Sahara is doing his best to scare the sea gulls away, with much success; this is due to some kind of new head jutting movement.

Flipper is now been taken off the eye treatment as his eye has improved enough not to require any treatment. Yulelog missed a fish earlier in the week, which then landed on top of the shading. Logs could see the fish but with all the jumping and hitting the shade with his nose, the fish would not move, luckily the Animal Care Team stepped into help out to retrieve the fish.

Rocky was enjoying the sunshine earlier in the week, and was treated to ice blocks, which he picked up and through around the enclosure.

Carus and Boadi: Carus has been having a few lye in this week, and the Animal Care Team have found him snoozing on top of his jump off rock.

Mika is being a good girl, even if her training is sometimes not so good. Chaff has developed a tickly belly, but his training is going well and we are very happy.

Thai is very hungry at the moment and so is distracted a lot, much means she is not eating the Animal Care Team. Bamboo is doing very well with his training, now that Thai is not taking much interest in him.

The goats were treated to a walk around the sanctuary, and we were very pleased that they didn't go charging off, which is normally what happens.

The ponies have now been let out in to the new grassy field, so the ponies' heads tend not to come up to much. Muffin decided she wanted some extra food from the visitors and was waiting by the fence, near to where people were having their picnics in the hope of extra treats. Unfortunately she was standing behind a sign that read "Please do not feed the ponies".

Reef, our cat, is being very sociable with the visitors, and even getting patted, but when the Animal Care Team is down on site, Reef will know exactly where the team are.


Convalescence Pool:
Boss and Eve were released back into the wild this morning (Friday 3rd of August 2007) at Church Cove. Both were hat tagged, Boss K1 and Eve K2. They both were out of the trailer and straight into the water. This was the last release of the season.

Did you know that.....Each pup can cost up to 1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to adopt a pup
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