Update 3rd March 2005

Magnus is so hungry at the moment that he has started to become impatient with the Animal Care Team at feed times and much prefers to help himself from his bucket of fish rather than having fish handed to him.

Fatima has now finished her moult and is looking absolutely fantastic in a new silver and cream coat.

Sheba is still moulting and this week, she was joined by Anneka and Lizzie. The three of them are to be found most mornings sharing the same cave.

Atlanta, Ray and Marlin had their annual weighing this Wednesday. As expected, all three had put on weight with Ray being the heaviest at a massive 162.5kgs. These weight gains mean that all three have to have an increase in their treatments for their under active thyroid glands, and the Animal Care Team are keeping all their fingers crossed that we’ll see some hair growing in the next few months.

The Animal Care Team are pleased to report that Snoopy is back to her usual grumpy self and has been spending a lot of time sitting next to the barrier to the convalescents pool. So to give her some company, Dee, our pup, recovering from a broken shoulder, has been moved into the pool with her. She has also started her moult.

Flotsam and Jetsam are the next in line for an annual weighing. However, it has been decided that since Jetsam is doing so well with his training, the Animal Care Team will attempt the weigh using training rather than catching them up in a cage to do it.

Flipper and Yulelogs’ training is going well. Flipper is very enthusiastic and full of the joys of spring having now completed his moulting but Yulelogs is as grumpy as ever as he is yet to start moulting.

Rocky is very vocal at the moment but has been temporarily silenced by his new floating toy that plays Fleetwood Mac. Pepper is not amused!

Carus and Dipsy are next to experience Fleetwood Mac – rumours are they might enjoy it!

This week the Otters have been very hungry. The Animal Care Team think this is probably due to the recent cold weather so they have been giving the otters extra hay and conifer branches to keep them toasty warm at night.

Hope makes a hammock!! Fatima wants to get in as well!!
The left photo shows Hope in his Hammock, made up out of part of the tarpaulin from the improvement works on the Convalescence Pool. In the right hand photo, Fatina wants to join in the fun!

At the end of last week, we said goodbye to Eden, Red and Frome as they were released back to the wild.

The convalescent pool pups are all feeding well and putting on weight.

Dee is now back down at the nursery pools but has been put on a diet in the hope he will be a little less of a handful on his next trip to the vets!

Lune, Brant, Don and Tees are now sharing a nursery pool and are all feeding well. Brant’s eye is on the mend thanks to his medication. Wiske has had to be moved into her own nursery pool as she has been a little off her food. The Animal Care Team have taken a blood sample, a faecal sample and a nasal swab to try and find out what is going on.

Breezie, Dagger, Smokey, Ermine, Bubbles, Dinky, Hoompah and Winter are all feeding well but seal pox is still present on some of the seals. After a change of antibiotics, Bubbles jaw is starting to heal. The Animal Care Team are watching him closely and making sure he gets his treatment twice a day.

Taw remains in the hospital for now but he is doing well. The Animal Care Team are awaiting the results of a further test, and if this comes back clear, he can be moved down to the nursery pools with the other seals.

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