Update 2nd November 2007
Fatima, our female resident grey seal Magnus is not hungry and is off his fish at the moment. Magnus also had a shock this week when during his afternoon sleep, he drifted to the middle of the pool; he woke up realised where he was and then swam back to his corner.

Fatima can be found not far from Magnus, in the hope of some attention, when ever Fatima gets close, Magnus turns around and snaps at Fatima, obviously he is not ready for the attention.
After waiting for Magnus's attention now for over a week, Sheba has moved on to Marlin, who she is receiving a lot of attention from.

Lizzie is quiet at the moment, but is feeding well.

Anneka has been a nuisance during pool cleaning and when all the dirty water gets pushed towards the drain, Anneka rolls straight through it and heads up the steps and spreads it all across the haul out area.

Snoopy is staying in the nursery pool, and expects the Animal Care Team to come to her with fish.

Attie has been using one of Magnus's tricks to get lots of attention from both the Animal Care Team and the visitors. She likes to sit on the steps and splash and scratch.
Ray, our male resident grey seal Ray is a little upset this week, as his best friend is now spending more time with one of the lady seals instead of Ray.

Marlin is spending lots of time with Sheba and can be found following her around the pool. Marlin also likes to keep a protective flipper around her, which lets everyone else know that she is Marlin's seal.
Both Flipper and Yulelogs have been up to no good this week, with Flipper being the worst. This week he managed to get the hose off the Animal Care Team and spray them.

Luna and Sija seem to be on and off their food, but both are maintaining their weight.

Our volunteers came to the rescue of Rocky this week, when then mended his raft.

Boadi has been very slow at eating this week; both Carus and Boadi having had their food increased. They have also been having a little kiss at the end of feeding.
Mika has been trying to bit the broom during cleaning and Chaff took a dislike to the volunteers and he refused to let them into the pool.

Thai and Bamboo were treated to pumpkins this Halloween, which were filled with treats. Normally the otters destroy the pumpkins by the afternoon but this year they managed to last until Thursday.

The goats have been having lots of walks in the morning but will not go to far, they like to make sure they can still see the Animal Care Team.
One of our Otters
The ponies were treated to apples this week, from a source that I will not disclose, but were thoroughly enjoyed!

Reef, our cat, is pleased now that after a very busy weekend with lots of visitors, the sanctuary is now back to the normal winter and quiet!
Sahara, the hooded seal, was released back into the wild off the Scottish coast on 9th October 2007. You can follow his progress via satellite tracking if you click on this link. The graphs are updated on a daily basis and you can also see an amazing 3D image of part of Sahara's travels.
Hospital - main area
Mina is doing well have now got the hang of feeding by herself.
Kitto is taking a little longer to feed himself.
Digory also taking a little time to feed himself.
Hocken is doing well and should be ready to move down to the outside pools with Mina at the end of the week.
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