Update 2nd September 2005

Magnus and the rest of the residents in the convalesce pool are a little scratchy at the moment, the Animal Care Team have taken some skin scraping from them and have send them off to the lab.

Flotsam and Jetsam have put on a lot of weight over the summer and are now refusing to do any training, so we have put them on a diet to help them lose weight. Both now have nice new coats after they annual moult.

Flipper and Yulelogs have started to argue a bit now and it is the start of the breeding season, the team are keeping a close eye on these two.

Rocky and Pepper - start of breeding season and have gone off their food, apart from Rocky who is as hungry as ever.

Carus and Dips - these Sea lions are now well into the breeding season and can be found frolicking on the side of the pool.

Dips is on the pill and Carus has given her a few playful nips which she is having treatment for. Some of the visitors had more of an insight into the breeding of Sea lions after a feed this week, when Carus and Dips put on a show of their own.

Bamboo and Thai have had lots of mealworms this week. Thai is putting the worms in their feed cube, and then returning 10 minutes later finding the mealworms in the cube and displaying a look of "oh arenít I clever look on her face".

Bamboo on the other hand is scared of the wriggling mealworms and so drowns them in the pond before gobbling them up.

Ponies - Muffin,Tuppence and Bracken have all been put on a diet after eating too much summer grass.

Goats are doing well apart from Churchill who has a lump on his jaw, the vet has been to visit and taken a swab, will let you know the results when we get them back.

All the pups continue to put on weight and will be moved in to the convalscents pool after visitor number go down after the summer.

Mite our pup in the hospital has put on a kilo in the last week. She is also feeding for herself. It will be a few weeks yet before she is moved into the main hospital.

Brant in the wild, photo copyright of Pat and John Amber

Brant, who is wearing hat tag number 42, has been seen several times in St Ives harbour, and is doing ok. The photo (left) of Brant was taken by Pat and John Amber whilst on holiday in Cornwall.

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Ermine was released back into the wild on the 26th of May 2005 at Port Issac, wearing hat tag number 49, she was spotted earlier today along the coastline of North Cornwall. The photo (right) was taken by Sue Sayer.
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Ermine in the wild, photo copyright of Sue Sayer

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