Update 2nd June 2006

Magnus is still doing lots of scratching this week, together with lots of sunbathing, now the sunshine is back.

Fatima had a conger eel this week as a little treat.

Anneka is now the FATTEST resident in the convalescent pool.

Lizzie is still feeding on the side of the pool.

Sheba has a handsome admirer called Marlin, but She just finds him annoying and is snapping at him.

Snoopy is now back in the convalescence pool after her break in the nursery pools last week. The pups have taken a likening to Snoopy and can now be found at the end of the day huddled around her all bathing in the sun. Snoopy must have taken to the pups, as she is not doing any moaning when they are nearby.

Attie is still being pestered by Marlin (the handsome admirer), and still can’t understand what is going on.

Ray is doing a lot of sunbathing this week, but due to him having fur this year (fingers crossed it will stay) the Animal Care Team don’t have to keep an eye on him to make sure he does not get burnt.

After Marlin’s very little success with Attie, he has now added Sheba to his list of ‘Seals I am in love with…’

Flotsam is still barking, due to the up and coming breeding season. Both Flotsam and Jetsam have been successful weighed this week. Flotsam weighs 45.5 kilos and Jetsam weighs 57.5 kilos.

Both Flipper and Yulelog have been weighed this week. Logs is a little under weight due, we think, to him not coming through his moult properly. So we have decided to increase his feed with extra fish and feed balls. The Animal Care Team have also started teaching both Flipper and Yulelog new tasks, these include rolling over on to they back so we can check their belly and opening their mouth so we can check their teeth and gums.

The vet paid Rocky and Pepper a visit this week. Rocky is doing a lot of barking due to the start of the breeding season, and the vet came to have a look at the bite wounds on Pepper where Rocky was a little rough. The bite wounds are healing well, and Rocky is now more loving towards Pepper and not playing as rough.

Carus has had his pool cleaned this week. The Animal Care Team are planning to do this once a week so he has some company. He has also had a feed ball and two conger eels to keep him busy.

Chaff has had his feed increased this week and is now on 7 kilos a day. He is also leaning to do target training with a long handled stick, this will be used to help move him round the pool more easily. Mika is learning to do more tasks; this should increase her confidence with the Animal Care Team.

All the pups are doing well and will be weighed this week. We are looking to hat tag some of our seals next week, with the hope of releasing them in 2 –3 weeks time. Bock is receiving iron tablets, and he is progressing well.

Bamboo and Thai has been taking time out this week, to watch all the visitors to their enclosure. They have also been spending lots of time at the top of the waterfall, playing in the sun shine that is streaming through the trees.

All the goats have had a walk on site this week. Elvis and Pricilla are very fit and had no trouble with the walk back to their field. Elvis doesn’t like to be at the back of the group, and made it his duty to lead from the front. With Churchill and Monty it is a different story, they were knackered by the time they got back, and an afternoon kip was in order.

All the ponies have enjoyed a walk around site, and were introduced to our new residents Mika and Chaff.

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